Sports Rain Man: Men’s March Madness, Women’s March Madness, US Dos-A-Cero

NIAGARA FALLS, NY Happy Monday! It was easy to figure out what to write about. There were two easy picks but the third is what was hard so I went to an old standby. Here are the topics for today: Men’s March Madness, Women’s March Madness, US Dos-A-Cero.

Men’s March Madness

It was a rough weekend for traditional powerhouses Kansas and Kentucky have some soul searching after not making out of the first weekend. It’s a shock to the programs but sport is cruel and it exposes cracks in a system. Baylor is not as storied a program but people expect better from them based on their performances the last few seasons. and a title but they also didn’t survive the weekend.  Oakland and Yale with 1st round upsets along with James Madison. However, the second round was not filled with surprises. The ACC had 4 teams make it to the sweet 16 which continues to show that it is the top basketball conference in the country.

Women’s March Madness

 The Women’s bracket tends to not have many upsets in the first two rounds. However, 7th seed  Duke upset #2 seed Ohio State who were also the Big 10 champions, which was a shock to all those that pay attention. In another upset, Baylor upset Virginia  Tech. It wasn’t a major upset but most people had the Hokies moving on. LSU and South Carolina, the current powerhouses moved on, along with Texas, Oregon State win their games. The next round of the tournament is where we will see the bigger match-ups and that is when it will really get tasty.

US Dos-A-Cer0

Junior Blaber

In the world of soccer, the USA beat Mexico 2-0, aka Dos-A-Cero to win the Concacaf Nations League. I can only explain the Nations league as turning exhibitions from meaningless games into a league table or tournament. For the US, this has hurt them as they get more games against weak competition which doesn’t make them better. The win gives the US has a seven-game unbeaten streak in the series (5-0-2) since Mexico’s last victory, 3-0 in East Rutherford, N.J., on Sept. 6, 2019. The US seemed the more dominate side and got a goal from New York’s own Tyler Adams at the end of the first half and midway through the second half Gio Reyna gave the US a second goal. The US is now the main force in Concacaf but what does that even mean? It means nothing until they beat a Central American powerhouse or a European one. When the USA joins South America and plays in the Copa America this summer, then we will know the truth of how good this team and coach is.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Where In The World Is Carmen Santiago Fan Club Interim Pres.,  Ben Whitney.

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