Dan Hurley On The Move? NBA Final’s Reaction, MLB Trade Rumors

PORT JEFF, NYHappy Friday. We’ve got important topics to cover. Let’s get into them. Dan Hurley On The Move? NBA Final’s Reaction, MLB Trade Rumors

Dan Hurley On The Move?  the University of Connecticut head coach may be on the move (not another college gig), it has been reported that the Lakers have expressed interest in him. Transferring from college to the #NBA is not for everyone. If someone is as adaptable as he is, I think it could work. If Hurley were to leave for the Lake-Show, the billion-dollar question would then be: who would replace him? The names range from Auburn’s Bruce Pearl to his top assistant, Luke Murray. Needless to say, the ripple effect of Hurley leaving would turn the college basketball world upside down. The other glaring piece to this story is that when a coach leaves a program after the transfer portal closes, the players are allowed a 30-day period to transfer out. Thus, UConn’s best players may also follow Hurley’s departure.

NBA Final’s Reaction

Whenever we seem to cover the NBA, The title seems to read the same. The Boston Celtics made easy work of the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday to go up 1-0 in the finals. Dallas did not look ready for the opening punch that Boston brought, despite an awful start from Jayson Tatum. The Celtics were up 20 before you could blink.

MLB Trade Rumors

Jackson Sternberg

With the MLB Trade Rumors only a month or so away, there have been some rumors about players who may or may not be traded. Let’s start with the elephant in the room. The Mets will most likely sell at the deadline, but I do not see Pete Alonso being dealt. Trading Pete would mean a lot of things to many different people. To David Stearns, it would mean that his first significant trade as President of Baseball Operations would be trading one of the most popular and well-thought-of players that the Mets have had in over a decade – not to mention an underwhelming return on a two-month “rental” 1B/power hitter. Instead, the Mets should trade guys like Luis Severino, JD Martinez and Harrison Bader.

In non-Met related rumors, the White Sox have made star CF Luis Robert Jr and SP Garret Crochet available in trade talks. Some other names from the ChiSox would include former met Tommy Pham and starter Ereck Fedde.

That’s it for me, come back tomorrow for the always controversial, Aristotle Mugsy Sakellaridis.

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