Irish Mets Vanquish Dodgers: Cubs Fáilte


Meet_The_Matt Croagh_Patrick MetGALWAY CITY, IRELANDKarma, as we suggested in Wednesday’s piece, had little to do with last night’s earth-quaking New York Mets win over the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles at Endy Chavez Ravine. No, it was much more. It was all about the hard work, elbow grease and luck of Irish Mets, St. Patrick and, well… us.

Skeptical? Uttering, “Pfft” under your breath (JG Clancy) at your cubicle or truck-stop? Then how do you explain the brilliant managing of Terrence Lawrence Collins, the Ruthian hitting of Daniel Patrick Murphy, the clutch hit off the bench from Kelly Seamus Johnson and the Seaver-esque pitching of Jacob deGromb – whose mother once returned from Ireland?! We know we don’t have to remind you that George Thomas Seaver is Irish. You already knew that. You did. A little bit.

Need proof? Watch this:

St. Patrick did his bit after we risked life, limb and a new marriage negotiating up a vertical spine of shale, falling rock and remarkably calm elderly Irish hikers, to ask of his assistance. And all that gave Collins and Murphy the grit to unite their clans and propel the Mets to a grand victory.  You can’t – not for a second – say that Murph’s stolen base/3-*tater series and Collins’ passing-over Bartol O’Colon as the starter and/or closer were anything but the product of pure Irish luck… or leaving St. Patrick our Mr. Met hat?!

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The wee structure at the top is St. Patrick’s Chapel.

Put that in your peat pipe and smoke it, Dodgers! You got your comeuppanceBring on the Schlubs!

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P.s… How ’bout them Yankees?

*Taters are homers in baseball, derivatives of young Irish baseball players using potatoes for baseballs in the sandlots of Cork… where they first “Corked” bats.

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  • vinny from brooklyn

    huge win! they can do this!

  • Jose

    That was good Matt, congrats to your hard working Mets!!!

  • Tall Matt

    You need to stay away from the United States Short Matt. If you come home the Mets will be jinxed.

    • jgclancy

      Indeed….just keep driving about…maybe even get to a real mountain (Clancy Mountain also called Arroo) in Sligo. Just don’t come back and ruin the karma.
      MtMers deserves nothing less!

  • GrindingAx

    You need to stay away from the states until its all over….you are the Mets version of the Billy Goat! Go to a local pub and insist on watching the game at 4am….taisteal sabhailte.

  • Tomas

    Very funny. You guys are idiots.

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