Stuck In the Middle With You: Trump as Ryan Leaf, Rex Ryan and Miami Marlins


EL BRONX, EL BARRIO – I got a text last night that said “People are saying that Junior is pinch hitting tomorrow.” For once these alleged people are correct. That’s right, here I am and I am taking this piece into the Land of Politics and I don’t care about the repercussions. With that, my Song of the Week had already been picked to go with today’s topic. After watching this country make a horrible choice for the next president, I decided this would be the focus of my piece: Trump as a Player, Coach and Team in American pro sports.

Let’s begin with the music…

Stuck in the middle with you:  Just because someone comes around at the right time doesn’t make them the right person. But the perfect storm of apathy, idiocy, hate and fear has brought us here. We are stuck with this man. And the clowns and the jokers that elected him will still not understand how they picked a con man who has no interest in their lives.  So I chose Stuck in the Middle With You.

Now for the sports…

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf: If Donald Trump was a pro athlete he would have be Ryan Leaf. I couldn’t think of a player that came into the league with hype only to prove there was no steak to that sizzle. There was this brash confidence and belief that he would be the guy. He was as good as Peyton, much like people think Trump is as good Clinton. Luckily the Colts chose Peyton first which about the only way the two differ. At least Leaf had what looked like the talent on paper, but whatever. Like Chargers fans believing Leaf was going to help take them to the title, those that voted for him will keep hoping after hope he comes good, but he never will.

Rex Ryan: If Donald Trump was a coach, he would be Rex Ryan. I mean Ryan even stumped for Trump so that is not a stretch. Ryan is a blowhard that talks tough but can’t back it up. He can’t understand how an offense works as coach much like Trump can’t understand how government works. He is desperate to be loved so he talks about always loving English shows when the Bills play in London, like Ryan has ever watched the BBC!?! His coaching record is a joke and the one time he did win a trophy it was behind a defense that coached itself.

Miami Marlins: I had to think hard for who Trump would be if he was a sports franchise. The Miami Marlins are the best I can come up with. They are big time liars promising a lot but not following through like getting a new stadium then selling away the players that would make it competitive. The times he has been successful is because of  his dad and stealing from others much like how Miami has won the title. The team is all flash no sizzle and that is who is the next president.

Finally I just want to say, that there were plenty of candidates that addressed the needs of the white working class, but Trump spoke with more hate and anger. As a naturalized citizen, a black man, with a half-mexican wife and newborn daughter, his campaign took aim right at me. Nice to know all the values this country claims to embrace, were just all hype. Hate and fear are the true values of this country. If you got beef, you know where to find me on Twitter. No fake names or avatars. I don’t hide my face.

That’s all I have… Please come back tomorrow for The Man that is everywhere and nowhere, Cheesy Bruin… And feel free to leave your thoughts below and follow us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber & @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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Junoir Blaber is from Ghana but was transplanted to the Bronx as a young lion chaser. Blaber is the Rain Man of Meet The Matts and is a featured contributor on MTM global partner, Rugby Wrap Up. The name “Junoir” is not a cool African name. Instead, Blaber mis-typed “Junoir” on his Facebook page. But proving that two wrongs indeed do make a right, he embraced his new persona – [June-noire]… Manute Bol is his uncle and his teams are the Mets, Jets, Knicks & NY Rangers… And Manchester United. He knows soccer. [Vomit]. P.s… He has webbed toes and came be followed on Twitter here: @JunoirBlaber

  • GrindingAx

    Junoir, as usual here, when you bring up a sensitive topic, the crickets take the main stage for a rendition of sounds of silence.

    As our resident conservative, I will attempt to explain why.
    First, your opinion of con man regarding Donald Trump. Aren’t ALL politicians speaking out of two sides off their mouths?
    Our outgoing President, while historically groundbreaking, was not concerned about the fallout from his hastily rolled out ObamaCare. If you work and pay taxes, your premiums and deductibles are impossible to deal with. Have the lives of black and latinos or white lower and middle class improved since 2008?
    Trump has not spewed racism. His delivery sucked, but the message is that you can come to this country under legal circumstances. If you didn’t you broke our laws. Period. Where does the money come from to subsidize healthcare and public welfare? From my business experiences, I will tell you that seeing the substandard components from China, Mexico etc while there are so many unemployed here is disheartening . Banking support etc is offshore to save a buck due to our restrictions and taxes.
    The alternative to a business minded person was either a socialist or Hillary, who nobody trusted nor should they have.
    I voted for Carter in my first election. When I exited college for the real world four years later, I realized that 20 percent interest was not acceptable.
    Most Americans wanted Clinton , Bush, Obama to succeed but change is needed.
    Trump has a huge ego, he wants to wi
    n. Give him the chance to succeed for all of us or hang himself in four years.
    Once we hopefully see our neighbors safe and employed then we can visit how we should try to save the world.
    Trump is far from a nazi, racist dictator. I know people who have met him and long before this run. Always described as down to earth and secretly benevolent. Let’s pray that his ego results in an improved life for all.

    • Junoir Blaber

      My point Walt is, I don’t agree with all your points. But I know you are a man of principle and it is not fly by night.
      If Kasich won, I would be fine because that is who he is.

      But a man willing to coddle racists won. Trump never had to rescind the KKK or any hate speech, while Clinton said deplorable and she was a Gillian.

      Your point is lost because you have a guy whose track record showed he didn’t mean anything he said. You think in 4 years he will leave as a failure, no, he loves to win so he will once again flame racial tensions, find a scapegoat and look to win a second term. Where is his track record of success? Please tell me?

      Trump is not a nazi, he is Mussoliani. Sorry but you can’t let a candidate use divisive speech like being of Mexican heritage means you can’t be a good judge for my case and now when he has won take this high road of give him a chance. When during the campaign did HE take the high road??

      • GrindingAx

        Junoir, the only people fanning the flames of racism are the profiteers like All Sharpton and some media schmucks like Van Jones. Playback the debates, interviews etc. Trump never said those words in the context that media relays.
        He said that many illegals are rapists, drug dealers and murderers. Check the quotes thrown out about him as well by both sides. These are politicians worried about being called out for milking the system and exploiting those examples that you mentioned.
        Politics is a cesspool. He turned it upside down and sunk to the level
        Of the competition. He got elected so you have to choose between lobbying for change or bitching over the next four years.

        I respect your opinions as you are indeed a classic example of how this country affords those who are willing to work hard and assimilate into our culture.( As my Irish immigrant grandparents did) We can disagree without disrespect ting each other’s views.

        • Junoir Blaber

          He never apologized to the Central Park for his attacks. No his discrimination against black tenants. This is not media making up stuff, he said it. He attacked the judges heritage, how was that a counter punch.

          Walt, I stick to my point that Kasich has the track record and Trump doesn’t. Trump added a crudeness to things and people love it and voted for it. His mocking of the reporter never happened? Obama birth certificate think was not forced on him. For every point you can claim of him counter punching, I can show you him instigating.

          • GrindingAx

            Kasich is not a man of his word. He is a shrewd lifelong politician.

    • Oh boy… Here’s a different take… First off, it’s not because we’re all tree-hugging liberals in NYC that the people of New York can’t stand Donald Trump and didn’t vote for him. When folks in your own backyard will not support you, it is a red flag. In this case, there are hundreds of red flags. When I worked with him on a commercial, we were all instructed we were not allowed to make eye contact with him, speak to him, try to shake his hand, and had to address him as “Mr. Trump” when and if he had to speak to us… He filed for bankruptcy repeatedly, leaving lives in ruin, decimated Atlantic City with his belly-up Taj, is facing fraud charges in multiple cases including his university, builds crap structures on the cheap, and has had full sites of immigrant workers instead of unions, right here in New York. He lied over and over again during this campaign and treated people like a schoolyard bully. His inter circle allows him to walk out with orange face paint and a raccoon on his head. And members of his staff are Chris Christie, who has to have surgery to keep himself from eating himself to death, and Rudy Giuliani who walked around with the world’s worst comb-over for a decade. These guys completely sold their souls and are more suited for the Island of Misfit Toys. The fact that none of that matters to other people is alarming. And this is coming from a guy that can’t stand Hillary Clinton and for the first time was forced to use a write-in candidate… as for the racism, how do you explain the judge being a Mexican thing, the Muslim ban and the “that’s my African-American comment?” And his womanizing and then talking about it makes Bill Clinton’s philandering almost classy. Speaking of Slick Willy, our economy did very well under him and one saving grace for Hillary was that you’d have a sitting ex-president who was very bright at home to bounce things off of. Yet again, yours truly still couldn’t vote for her but vote for Trump? No way.

      • GrindingAx

        You forgot my favorite ” Bad Hombres”

      • GrindingAx

        Now back to my reply. Oh you misguided soul.
        Living in NJ ,I understand how areas differ. Inner cities, which Jersey has more than most states, always go Democratic and the suburbs where the middle class work our asses off to pay mortgages and outlandish property taxes vote Republican. Why? We are sick of paying for everyone’s free stuff! Bill Clinton? He and Barney Frank are to blame for the housing crash and recession by doling out mortgages to the poor bastards that could not afford a home. Everyone wants that dream but they must be able to pay for the meal!
        Apologist wealthy elitists talk a great game but do not want Junoir moving to their block. Where I live, he is welcome in the Middle Class neighborhood. Your ticket is to work hard and save enough to buy a place. That dream has NOT been reachable during the Obama presidency.
        Politicians are easy to gauge when they lie. Just look at their lips moving.
        Trump has never denied playing the system, legally by ” donating” to both party grifters. Like it or not, that is the system. He is a douche but an outsider not afraid to say what we are thinking. He was a counter puncher, who did not start the insults but rained down on the weaker candidates of both parties when they laughed at him and his hair. Not everybody gets a trophy.
        I rather take a chance on a douche who will shake it up and maybe, just maybe get some industry cranking again so those who have been left out( according to them) a chance to roll up the sleeves and grab some future and pride.
        Let’s not forget the truth about inner cities. These kids are killing each other over who will be the drug lords making money exploiting kids. Is it safe to wa
        lk around South Chicago? Did you take a run there during the Rugby event week? Hell No.
        My point is the election is over and Trump won. Let’s all stop arguing . That’s like selling peanuts after the parade is over! (My favorite analogy made up by me) . We need to get people working again and veterans taken care of!
        You should know about fantasy Matt from the movie business. Those actors need to stop acting and start living in reality!

        • Junoir Blaber

          1. Chicago is not even the top 10 deadliest cities in America.
          2. It is also next to a lawless gun state Indiana. Get your gun in Indiana and drive back to Chicago.
          3. When these kids, their parents and leaders in the community are asking for help nobody gives a damn, but poor working class whites in middle America’s hard luck story is more important.
          4. The housing bubble burst occurred when a Republican congress removed Glass stegall and then after 6 years of Repub congress and pres, we had a financial collapse.
          5. My point is where was all this we are one during the campaign? No speech did he make and say we are one.
          6. Glad you decided to launch the Molotov cocktail, but you chose a poor weapon and it is uncontrollable. It has now landed, it has as likely a chance of setting you on fire and or the neighborhood.

          • GrindingAx

            Chicago was just for reference. Let’s see what happens . Throwing good money at bad programs is not the answer. Poor whites? Not sure how you want to use that one. Their are white, black, Latino etc that are poor.
            It’s up to the leaders in communities to help effect change and not exploit for their own pockets.
            You need to read up on the housing and mortgage history and then get back to me.
            The last Molotov comment is irresponsible. That is the problem in a nutshell. Let’s burn down, and loot from our neighbors when we are mad at something. That is counterproductive.

  • AngryWard

    Junoir, please don’t say things like “hate and fear are the true values of this country.” There are a LOT of us, who are not like that at all. I’m not going to dissect Walt’s comments or chime in on Management’s (I still have a problem with their “write-in vote” whoever it was), but I will say that I was one of many, many people I know that were disappointed with the outcome of this election. I would go so far to say that if I could go back I would have voted for virtually any other candidate in the field (save Ted Cruz) over our President Elect. Take solace in the fact that you live in a city and state that knows what time it is. Focus on your family and community and build outwards. Vent your anger and then try like hell to let go of it (I know I am). Seething for 4 years is not going to serve anyone well, especially you. Hope that Trump doesn’t really stock his cabinet with the long-forgotten arsenic (Giuliani, Palin, Gingrich) of the GOP and that somehow this Republican full house gets something positive done. We know one thing, and that is Donald Trump wanted to be President, but he most likely didn’t want the work that went along with it. It runs counter to his MO. He’s a marketer. Build a building a put my name on it. But don’t ask me to build it. I sincerely hope he does get at least a few smart people to advise him. I really do. But, for now, just take care of your girls and let’s set a MTM holiday party date. Oh, by the way, loved your sports choices in this piece. Spot on.

    • GrindingAx

      Ward, word is that Management felt the Bern….it was the free tuition. He plans on going back to school ala Rodney Dangerfield.

    • Junoir Blaber

      Fair enough, I apologize for that one.

  • GrindingAx

    Lost in all this is the great form shown by Donald in that photo. Is that chew in his cheek? Or dome thing else?

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