by West Coast Craig


EAST LANCE BROADWAY – I did something like this last year,
but I have no shame in repeating myself, with apologies to Mel Brooks this time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The whole northeast is having trouble,
What a sad, sad story.
The Midwest states are under water
With floods of tears for Corey
We’ve sprung an hour ahead…
You long for your comfy bed…
You need a break,
For goodness sake,
Or you just may wind up dead.
Good news its…

Springtime for hitters in Florida
Mets fans are happy and gay!
We haven’t started the pennant race
So look out
The Mets are in first place!

Springtime for hitters in Arizona
B-teamers will get their chance
Springtime for hitters in Scottsdale
Now prospects go into your dance…


My name’s Strasburgh and it ain’t rational
That I will be a Washington National.

I’m Montero and it will please us…
With Damon gone I’m the Yanks’ new Jesus

Springtime for hitters at Steinbrenner
High steps and stretching in the grass
Bombs flying off the bats again
I like to rhyme Bert Blyleven

Springtime for hitters at Port St. Lucie
Reyes is on the DL once more
Springtime for hitters in batting cages
Means that soon we’ll be going to war…
And fantasy drafting, and wagering, and studying stats
And watching and listening and reading and griping…
And griping, oh yes there’ll be griping
Right here on MeetTheMatts!

Three more weeks!

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