Summer Soundtrack: Psy, Hoops, Hockey, Dodgers, Ike Davis

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Kobe & WCC channeling Ike Davis

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Though summer doesn’t officially start until the solstice on June 21st, my kids’ school year ended on Friday, so today is the first day of it as far as they (and I) are concerned. That means two months of pools, a beach or two, ballgames, BBQs, and a lot of catching up on Regular Show

And in the spirit of that horrible, stick-in-your-head tune, I’m burning this post looking at other songs of summer for your listening pleasure:

Hot Time Summer In The City… The Heat were hot after getting burned by Tony Parker in Game 1 of these finals, so they turned themselves up for a fiery third quarter run yesterday to even the season. The still-young franchise is so successful that the city of Miami is in talks to have a second basketball team, called The Humidity. They’re the ones that will really get ya.

Summertime, and the Living’s Easy… though sleeping may not be for the Penguins and Kings after ignominious (though hard fought) losses. An Original Six Stanley Cup Finals, it’s summer fare on ice. If they can figure out how to do those outdoor ballpark hockey games here in June, then maybe this upstart league will gain some traction.

942859_10151591038812451_551186790_nSchool’s Out For Summer After spending a few months down on the farm for seasoning, inevitable injuries to Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford (not an Andre Ethier trade as I had suspected, though that also seems inevitable) Yasiel Puig has graduated from the minors in a huge way…less than a week after I dropped him from my fantasy team, a decision that has left me as confused as Tommy Lasorda watching Psy dance in the Dodger Stadium aisles.

Summer, turns me upside down, summer summer summer, it’s like a merry go round… That’s actually the Cars’ Magic, but the lyrics seem apt, especially when Dodger Stadium gave away these shirts last week. Is it wrong that I’m enjoying Magic as a team owner more than as an ESPN commentator having to listen to Bill Simmmons’s nasally needling over beating the Celtics.

Story of Angry Ward's life.
Story of Angry Ward’s life.

Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues–Is that what most fans of this site have once they’ve seen Kate Upton wearing a Yankee hat quite cutely?

Summer Breeze… Awww yeah, 70s-wimp-folk duo Seals & Crofts were singing about Ike Davis’s swing, which will make the folks in Las Vegas feel fine this summer. (Actually, now that I think about it, that would make a pretty good music sting to play in stadiums whenever somebody strikes out).

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer… The adjectives, in that order, that describe the three stages of my writing process throughout the Sundays I have to write these posts.

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