State of the Mets: Electric Daisy Carnival and Cardinals Fans

State of the Mets: The Electric Daisy Carnival fills Citi for them.

CITIFIELD, QUEENS – Tuesday night, as waited in line to claim my free hot dog and fries at the left field landing concession stand, we heard a large roar. For some reason this surprised me, as it was the top of the fourth and the Cardinals were just getting something going. Then it hit me. There were easily more Cardinals fans in the stadium than Mets fans. In fact so much so, that you could hear the cheers throughout the game when Allen Craig made easy catches look hard out in right and when David Wright seemingly turned into a ham-footed goon over at third base. Since I have been in NYC this is the first time I have seen the Mets fall so far as to give away free hot dogs and have fewer fans than visiting teams from 1500 miles away.

This experience got me thinking in a Where’s Waldo kind of way… Like, what are you more likely to see than a Mets fan at CitiField?

David wright ham-footed Meet_The_Matts3 Kids smoking weed. True story. They were being escorted out for smoking a bowl in sec 529 – True story. Evidently, even if no one is in the park, it still isn’t okay to roast… So unfortunate. I was about to go ask to join in.

Fifty thousand people on Ecstasy. For those of you who don’t know what the Electric Daisy Carnival is, then you should look it up. Just a warning; if you are over 35, attending this will stop your heart. A couple weeks ago this event was held at CitiField and it was easily the most people that stadium will see for a single event for the foreseeable future.

Wendy Williams.  That’s right, before Wendy got her talk show, she was right fielder Wendell Williams for the AA Beaverbrook Logsmen. At some point the coach told him he made a great play in the outfield,  “That’s one helluva snatch!” and the rest is history. She still has warning track power and she certainly knows how to handle the lumber. Can someone say Ike Davis Replacement?

Planes with naked women painted on the bottom. With all of the incessant flyovers, it’s really hard to keep your eye on the balls. If wouldn’t be that bad if you could keep your eyes on the boobs.

edc-628Storm troopers.  True story.  The Mets are sooo hard up for fans that they hosted Star wars night with special guests Darth Dickey, Dudabacca, and Obi-Wright Kenobi. Real smart. Make your best player the guy who dies first. What stupidity. All they had to do was make David Wright – Han Solo Homerun and Kirk Nieumwenodnf Princess Nijfdaousrefeis. Done deal. One looks like a woman and the other never has anything more than a solo shot because Kirk Nfqwoefiaosdkf is never on base.

Tune in tomorrow for a guy whose team wins, Different Matt.

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