Blaber’s Blabberings: A-Rod or A-Rat, NCAA vs Steven Rhodes, Sanchise, Ulf’s back!

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Middle Tennessee State Rhodes Scholar

EL BARRIO, THE BRONX – First, A-Rod is a snitch. With that out of the way, instead of the usual Wednesday musings of an Angry Man, today you have the blabberings of a Mad Man. I hope to become the MTM Lou Gehrig  to Angry Ward’s Wally Pipp, but we will see. Heck, you know what? I’d will settle for Mark Carreron (remember him, Mets fans!).

Just when I come out and back him, A-Rod disappoints me. Is this what Different Matt, Cookie and Yankee Joe feel like? I mean, snitching on Cervelli and Braun. I mean it was his media people and not him directly so it could be a rogue act. I want to believe it is an out of line staff member. According to hip-hop music and all these gangsta/er movies, snitching is bad. I confirmed this with the drug dealers in my neighborhood. Not only did he snitch but it was on a teammate.  My old boss told me how The Godfather taught him all he needed to know about management. By those laws, A-Rod must be made an example of by the Yankees family.

If you read my last article, you know I think the NCAA are a gaggle of knutes!! This week they relented and gave immediate eligibility to a former marine, Steven Rhodes. The young man wanted to play linebacker for Middle Tenn. State but because he played in an organized army league, he was ineligible. Thankfully the press got a hold of the story and the NCAA went into PR repair mode. Those guys that run it should not be eligible for their jobs, the crooks.

With both his competitors crocked, Mark Sanchez reminded Jets fans about why he hate our lives and selves for supporting this team. Sanchez was his consistent self, which was inconsistent. Great drive followed by train wreck. All I could think of was Richard Gere in An Officer and Gentleman: When every throw he threw was about to be intercepted, Sanchez was screaming: “I am sending you home.” That had me crying and blubbering, “Don’t you do that! I got nowhere else to go!

Patrick_Kane McCarthy Gagner3
Speaking of hockey… Sam Gagner, Short Matt, Patrick Kane, yesterday.

One bright spot this past week was that the NY Rangers have hired Stanley Cup hero defenseman Ulf Samuelsson as an assistant coach. Ulf was part of the 1994 Ranger defense triumvirate with Brian Leetch and Jeff Beukeboom. Hopefully he will tighten up the rear guard, making it more physical and helping Henrik Lundquist face less shots in goal.

By the way, for those of you wondering where in The Bronx, El Barrio is, it is just north of NoTiMa. NoTiMa is the new real estate name for Inwood and Washington Heights. It stands for Northern Tip of Manhattan. By calling Da Heights that, you immediately lose street cred and your NYC man/woman card.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for more blabberings from Different Matt.

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