The Dope On Alex Rodriguez

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The Dope On Alex Rodriguez

ATHENS, GREECE – “Clear,” “Cream,” syringes, the laboratory chemistry of Balco and now Biogenesis… it’s all Greek to me. But what I do know is Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmeiro and other members of Phi Epsilon Delta (PED) fraternity are making room for a new pledge named AlexAlex Rodriguez. These new “Deltas” are a different kind of dope than the old lovable academically challenged chaps of Animal House even with Alex on his own double secret probation set forth by MLB’s commish and modern day Dean Wormer, Bud Selig. The only way the public gets wind of this dossier is if image-conscious and sensitive A-Rod, not accepting of any mandated suspension, forces baseball to show its hand.  In a public relations move similar to jettisoning reviled super-agent Scott Boras who managed Rodriguez’ two mega contracts, the slugger eventually cops to doping provided the details stay secret.  The fallout:  A-Rot collects some of his contract money while his skills deteriorate with age upon any eventual return to the field and, more importantly, Bud Selig gets the slugger’s head as the apotheosis of baseball’s cheaters.

As for now, this whole steroid mess has many to blame.  I’d rather hypothesize over the doping demarcation point of A-Rot’s career the same way fans have done with past juicers.  Here’s what I’ve surmised:

Athletes are a fickle bunch with many a superstition and idiosyncratic.  Wade Boggs ate only chicken as a pre-game meal fer chrissakes.  If players think steroids are making them better they’ll keep using based upon the confidence factor alone.  “Mr. Rodriguez” burst onto the Major League scene with an outstanding non-rookie first full year in 1996 with a .358 BA on 215 Hits, 141 Runs, 54 Doubles, 36 HR, and 123 RBI.  The following year wouldn’t be as prolific in what is possibly the worst season of his career as all offensive numbers declined .300 BA on 176 Hits, 100 Runs, 40 Doubles, 13 fewer HR and 39 less RBI as a .350 On-Base % became the lowest of his career.

Keep in mind on that 1997 Seattle Mariners team there were some nutty things happening further up the Pacific Coast Highway from the Oakland/SF bay area.  Paul Sorrento (who?!?), a first basemen, was 31 and 80,  while the likes of Russ Davis (3B) and Dan Wilson (C) were putting up career HR/RBI years while A-Rod was struggling.  The funniest of all stats for Angry Ward’s team was the eleven dingers or just thirteen less than Rodriguez that little Joey Cora managed to put over the fences.  Joey Cora.  Joey Cora, who hit more in ’97 than he would for the rest of his career and the 54 ribbies was never equaled either.  How would you as a much heralded ballplayer with an a ultra ego coming off a fantastic statistical year feel if witnessing the likes of much lesser names and talent were rivaling your production?  It’s my unbiased theory a 22 year-old shortstop did what turned into a habit on a team in a sport full of the same type of users.  A-Roid’s stats took off from 1997 forward.  Just now is baseball cleaning up Animal House after the party.

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