Just a Perfect Day, So Glad I Spent It With Lou Reed

Lou-Reed-hp-02_GQ_30Aug13_getty_bt_642x390DIRTY BOULEVARD – We lost a great one yesterday. I was out and about with the idea that I’d just listen to football and then baseball all day on the radio, but then I had something else to listen to in all the great tributes and then a Spotify immersion to write this to, so forgive me if sports news and Lou Reed songs get confused today.

I’m Waiting For The Man: $26 in their hand, Cardinal fans are still waiting for Carlos Beltran to bat after that huge blunder by rookie pinch runner Colton “Wrong Way” Wong, the first walk-off pick-off in post-season history.

White Light/White Heat: Jonny Gomes almost died five separate times before he was even into his 20s, including once where he was almost burned alive in his sleeping bag.  He heated up quick last night, pressed into duty just a few hours before the game, and getting the biggest hit of his life.  With that beard he looks like a gnome.  Jonny Gnomes.

Metal Machine Music:  Dez Bryant made a lot of noise last week when he compared himself to Calvin Johnson.  Megatron didn’t say anything back, except by wracking up 329 yards on 14 catches and a touchdown against Dallas yesterday…while Bryant was last seen screaming at Tony Romo on the sidelines.

They make a valid point.
They make a valid point.

Sweet Jane: Last week three Houston Texans rookies were released for smoking pot in their hotel room (including RB Cierre Woods, who with Arian Foster and Ben Tate injured, was on the verge of actually playing). Personally, if I’m destroying my body every day on the field, I can think of nothing better than a little relaxing afterwards. And hey, sticking with the theme here, at least it wasn’t Heroin. Maybe they’ll get a happy ending, and get picked up by Denver.

Take a Walk On the Wild Side: It kills me to write this, but it’s looking like my manager is changing my adult league team from the Dodgers to the…gasp…gag…Red Sox next year.

Andy’s Chest: The feel good story of the NFL this season is undoubtedly the (Max’s) Kansas City Chiefs, who are undefeated under new coach Andy Reid after beating the Browns yesterday (while the Eagles are 3-5). Still, that was a Browns team led by scrapheap pickup Jason Campbell, who nearly brought them back for the upset. This lack of end-of-game management looks a bit familiar for old Andy, who couldn’t manage time-outs in a pre-school for naughty children.

I’ll Be Your Mirror: Dedicated to Rickey Henderson, Alex Rodriguez, Short Matt, and anybody else who has to admire themselves in the mirror to psyche themselves up for work.

I miss this Satellite of Love.
I miss this Satellite of Love.

Satellite of Love: I like to watch things on TV…and sometimes over the internet. Who still has a cable subscription, and why?

Perfect Day: Not one but two national television audiences will be watching the city of St. Louis tonight, as Bush Stadium hosts a pivotal World Series game five, and at the nearby Edward Jones Dome the Rams take on their division leaders in the visiting Seahawks. This seems like a perfect day for St. Louis fans, but probably not so much for anybody who works downtown and has to fight their way home tonight. It’ll definitely be a Street Hassle.

Halloween Parade:: I really don’t like either of these teams in this World Series, but I must admit that they play good, dramatic baseball games. I thought all of the final four teams were evenly matched and we were cheated out of two game sevens in the Championship Series by some tight margins and unlucky bounces. Hopefully this one goes all the way for a Halloween final, and subsequent crazy parade in whichever city is left standing.

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