Weird and Wacky NFL Stories of Week 5: Brady Is Poop, Giant Mess, Tebow A Jag?

BOSTON, MA – It was quite the weekend in football… Here’s a handful of the Weird and Wacky NFL Stories of Week 5.

Is it time for Tebow Time!?!
Is it time for Tebow Time!?!

What’s going on with the G-WOMEN?! Believe it or not, the New York Giants lost again on Sunday. After a 36-21 loss at home to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Jints really have me scratching my head – and I’m not even a Big Blue fan… But I’m from New York, so I’d like to see them do well. Plus, I covered this team a couple summers ago at training camp, so there’s that too… But after this putrid 0-5 starting, something has to be done. The Giants have way too much talent to be 0-5. Not even the Jets are 0-5. Not even the freaking JETS are 0-5! There’s something terribly wrong with that. And just to compare, not even Tom Coughlin’s Jaguars started out 0-5 in their first year. This team is just too talented to be win-less this late in the season.

It went from bad to worse in Jacksonville. Who doesn’t feel badly for this team? Even the announcers working their televised games have apologized for having to broadcast Jaguars games. We all know that this 0-5 team, which has one of the worst offenses in the NFL, is bad – but it just got worse. Not only did they  lose their starting quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, in the second quarter Sunday, but they lost their first-round draft pick, tackle Luke Joeckel, as well. The worst part for Joeckel is that it was the rookie’s first career start – and last – for the season; he broke his ankle. At least for Jags fans, you have your play-making wide receiver, Justin Blackmon, back. It’ll get better in a few years.

Yeah this summarized Tom's weekend for us.
Yeah this summarized Tom’s weekend for us.

Tom Brady disappeared when his team needed him most. You can blame injuries all you want New England fans, but Brady is not the same this season. Living in the heart of New England is not always the best place to be when it comes to sports. Considering I’m a native New Yorker, all of my favorite teams are from the Empire state, so naturally Boston/New England fans want to rub their teams in my face. So when the Patriots or Red Sox – or any of the Boston team – loses, I love to take my shots. When doing so with friends yesterday,  their  response was “Well the injuries are catching up. to us,” (referencing Wilfork and Gronk). Here’s the thing, though… When people came to me about my Bills and I countered with how the secondary was depleted and we lost our quarterback in the middle of a game we were leading, they said I was making excuses. But when it happens to them, it’s okay??? I think not! Anyway… Back to my point about Brady… He came up small Sunday. He was sacked four times, threw an interception and had a QBR of 16.8. The average QBR is 50, so there’s that. Tommy Boy is well below average this season in quarterback rating, completion yards on average and completion percentage. You can blame this loss on injuries all you want, but for the offense, everyone is healthy now aside from Gronk. If you ask me, the Patriots’ Front Office is on the hook for not better preparing this team in the off-season.

But hey, I’m just a Bills fan what do I know right?

Please feel free to comment below and tune in for Fake Sandy Alderson, manana.

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