Blaber’s Blabberings: Super Bowl Bye Week, Pro Bowl, Winter Olympics, and Baseball

SB48EL BARIO, BRONX – The Polar Vortex was foretold last week but my Yimness! It has been so cold the Good Deacon Blaber, yours truly, has screamed “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!”  is going on! It’s so cold, it’s ridiculous. I have lived in the NYC and Buffalo area for the majority of my life and I have never been this cold.  Anyway, at the height of the polar vortex, on the 3rd Saturday, of the two thousand and fourteenth year of our Lord and Yim, we take a look at the Super Bowl Bye week, The Pro Bowl, the Winter Olympics and Baseball’s hot stove.

Remember when the Super Bowl happened immediately after the the Championship game. The NFL in their infinite wisdom felt it wasn’t drawn out enough, so they added a bye week. Why!?! No we get to hear more people talk about Richard Sherman and how Pete “Weasel” Carroll has the Seahawks players doing yoga. Plus we get to hear alleged sports journalists claim to remain neutral while the have one of Peyton Manning‘s buttcheeks in their mouths. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t hate Peyton, just this belief that he is a saint. Plus there is only so much film analysis that can be covered. The is no ESPN in Casa de Blaber, during the 2 weeks until the Super Bowl kicks off.

The other talk the NFL has been pushing is the Pro Bowl. 3 things come to mind when I think of the Pro bowl.
1) Does anyone know when it is anymore? Is it this week or the week after the Super Bowl!?!
2) Have they gone back to playing it in Hawaii or are they trying that thing off playing it in the Super Bowl city?
3) No one gives a rat’s “Alpha Sugar Sugar!” The players damn sure don’t since so many turn it down due to “injury”.

Football is the only sport that has its all-star game after the season! All of this to play a full equipment on version of tag. Why!?! Don’t bother!! Just name your first and second team All-Pro sides and call it a day. Now if you want to go back to the days of a College All-Star team against the pro team with the worst record, America’s listening.

Winter Olympics:
Like most Africans, the Winter Olympics do not captivate our attention. Frankly, a fair few believe the Winter Olympics was created to give the cold weather countries (read predominantly white) some chances to win gold, with their predominantly high melanin content cousins. Sorry, it had to be said. Yours turly, will be looking forward to hockey though. The pressure on the Russians and the Canadians is beautiful to watch. Plus as a sports fan, there is no sport where a mediocre team can win it all, behind one guy’s play like hockey. Seriously one goalie gets in the zone and a nation can be champions. Go ‘Murikka!!

I am the least enthusiastic baseball fan of the whole MTM gang. A huge part of this is because I am a Mets fan. Unlike the original Matts (tall and short Matt), there is no optimism, here. Nor the high amount of  Suburban Matt/FSA bitter regret and angst at supporting the Mets. It is easier to just accept them as a third rate club and be grateful for whoever management cons into joining them. Mets win third place in the NL East and  its a beautiful season. It seems the Yankees are buying more talent, again. When will they learn! Just do a few more years of suffering and then you will build your team for decades, just like the 80s.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for the one and only, Cheesy Bruin.

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