Blaber’s Blabberings: Prima Donnas, Baseball Writers, Coaching Carousel, Resurgent Knicks, JR Smith

Charlie Strong
Charlie Strong

EL BARIO, BRONX – Let us give our Lord and Savior (Yim) praise for surviving another week. On this the second day of the first month in the Two Thousand and Fourteenth year of the Yimness’s grace, some people need to be reminded of their importance or lack of it. Deacon Blaber (yours truly), stands at his bully pulpit to cover the latest sports news and put some of these prima donnas of their proper place. With that, let’s look at the Prima Donnas, Baseball Writers, Coaching Carousel, the Resurgent Knicks & JR Smith.

Mike Munchuk: After 31-year career with the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans organization, Mike Munchak was fired this week. Munchak was drafted as an Offensive Linemen and worked his way onto the staff as an O-Line coach, to eventual Head Coach. Munchak was a great servant of the organization, but once you become a Head Coach it is about wins and losses, and he was just not getting it done. This was a amicable story, as  all parties had nothing but nice things to say about the other and not in the usual diplomatic speak nonsense. Munchak is already being looked at by the Lions, which would be like offering to buy tickets for the Titanic after it the Iceberg, but a job is a job.

Petrino and Mistress

NCAA Football: In the organized crime syndicate/plantation system known as NCAA College Football, there were two hirings of note. The University of Texas hired former Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong. I am excited to see a black coach as the head of a giant program. There are only like 8 in all of Div. 1A, in case you were counting. I believe and hope Strong is able to build a fence around the Lone-star state and help Texas achieve its potential… Happy trails to former head coach Mack Brown, who made Texas a powerhouse, which surprisingly it hadn’t been – historically… Strong will be replaced at Louisville by the vile individual know as Bobby Petrino. Here are the lowlights of Petrino’s moral flexibility: he left Louisville the first time around to go the Atlanta Falcons, where he quit after one season, leaving notes in his players lockers… then he took the job at Arkansas where he got fired after a motorcycle accident involving his mistress/married and overpaid secretary… Petrino spent the last season in a marriage of convenience at Western Kentucky, leading them to 8-4. He is excited to be back at a top program like Louisville.

Chris Rock P Diddy Jay Z Meet_The_Matts
Open this one up to see the “spectators.”

MLB Hall of Fame: The is no process more overrated than the Hall of Fame vote. A bunch of nerds that were never good at the game of baseball, get all this power to decide who is great enough to go in. What makes it worse is these nerds hold deeply on their stats and have huge crushes/vandettas against players they barely know. I want to salute Dan LeBatard of the Miami Herald. He has been stripped of his voting privileges because he turned over the vote to Deadspin readers. To show how much of a farce the vote is, Greg Maddux, he of 355 Wins, 4 CY Youngs, 4 ERA titles and a career 3.16 ERA, was not a unanimous vote. All because some loser refuses to vote for anyone from the PED Era. That makes no sense as Maddux was a control pitcher, so he wasn’t likely using – like the others – and he was striking out big time PED users. The little writer runt, however, had no problem voting for Jack frogging Morris! I am also disgusted as a Mets fan the Tom Glavine got in. The way he mailed it in during big games as a Met, especially his last start, makes me wish stumbles hurts himself as he walks to the hall. Listen to Short Matt and Fake Sandy Alderson’s Podcast on this – they nail Glavine.

knicks2New York Knicks & JR Smith: Guess who just beat the Miami Heat last night and have now won 5 of 6?! That is right, it is none other than the Knickerbockers. They seem to have finally woken up and may be able to make a run for the playoffs. Which truth be told, isn’t that hard since there are so many bad teams in the Eastern Conference. A person whose role is unknown for the time being, however, is JR Smith. The enigmatic Smith has been benched by head coach Mike Woodson and fined 50K by the NBA for repeatedly untying the shoelaces of opponents when standing next to them during free throws. It is a sign of his maturity digression this season and isn’t meshing with the-can’t-get-out-of-their-own-way Knicks.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for the most annoying Boston Fan (there is a large group to choose from) Cheesy Bruin and his NFL Picks  Hopefully, he has some picks that will make us all rich. You can see other picks today from DJ Eberle by clicking this.

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