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imageFLUSHING, NY -The New York Mets are in the hunt… Well, maybe I am exaggerating a wee bit. The Mets are mathematically still in it, however, and hope springs eternal to some of our loyal staff and their delusional followers here at the MTM’s  House of Disappointments! Stranger things have happened, (see Smallish Matt’s engagement) and perhaps the Metropolitans will make some timely trades before this years deadline. Okay, perhaps I have been watching too much World Cup,  where tiny underdog mutts -similar to the Mets – like Costa Rica can rise past the power houses of Dr. Scholl’s  favorite sport. That said, using one of the weaker segues in recent MTM History, here are my MLB Predictions for the second half in The Bigs and… some other stuff:

My Boldest  prediction has the Red Sox reclaiming their incumbent title after waking up from their CHOWDA HIGH.
-With the Yankees aging, as well as their bullpen woes, I say the Jeets Retirement Tour ends on a losing note. Injury will bite the Pinstripes and they will not hold up.
Toronto?  I’m just not buying anything Canadian. On ice or Astro-Turf.

AL Central…
Homer Tiger fan here predicts the obvious. The Tigers are just TOO GOOD to be beaten by  a group of… dare I say, INDIANS?  Sorry, politically-correct Liberals!

Costa Rica Child Care

AL West ….
-Despite someone who believes that the Oakland Bando’s will run away with the West, I believe that they will have to back in as a WILD CARD.
Mike Scioscia  is going to manage his Angels to the western title. This team is loaded and will kick it in like those exciting PENALTY KICKS at the WORLD CUP!

Now for the  less Offensive-minded…


NL West:
Donny Baseball’s Dodgers  will ride the Kershaw on their way to the division      
title.  The Giants will grab the WILD CARD .

NL Central:
-Unfortunately, the  Milwaukee JUICERS will take this division due to the  Reds not having enough and the Cards on the decline. Let’s all hope that I’m wrong on this one!

Now last, but not least…

imageNL East:
-I Believe that we will… WIN! SHEESH, there’s that World Cup stuff reverberating in my head again!
-The Washington Nationals and Bryce Harper will edge out the Hated Braves of Hotlanta.
-The Mets will  grab a MORAL VICTORY by NOT finishing in the BASEMENT. That distinction will go to the very deserving Rhino Liners of Killadelphia!  Losers!

Now for the  Daily Melo/Lebron update… WHO CARES!

Frank Cashen

World Cup Gossip:
It’s more like World Cup News but Management thinks it looks better in the headlines… Anyway, I believe that we will… LOSE to Belgium 3-1… TOO much offense for our boys and they will kill us in the MIDFIELD and pelt poor Tim HowardThink that my AX needs sharpening? Okay, Pele fans: Who do you pick?

FinallyFrank Cashen truly brought the MAGIC BACK to the METS and produced the last great memory for all you ORANGE and BLUE suit lovers!  While many of you know what Bow-Tie did for the Mets, you may not know that he helped build those successful Orioles teams and facilitated the deal that brought Frank Robinson to the Orioles in the sixties…

Come back for Angry Ward, fresh off his two-week vacation, tomorrow.

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