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wheelchair funNEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – As I lounge here in my “suite” at Robert Woody Johnson University Medical Center on a sunny afternoon, I do NOT envy those playing their favorite sports outside. Home is where the heart is and mine is currently awaiting another round of Mad  Science.

Like most hospital rooms today, mine is like a sports bar, equipped with flat screen TV featuring combo remote and a built in sound system with quality akin to a ’78 Philco Black and White. Yup, I am that old folks.

imageThey say, life is ALL about choices even though no one chooses to be in a hospital. Now, while my roommate loves golf, (Oy vey!) my entertainment center had a baseball game on…please don’t be envious it was not that a big of deal although during the yearly baseball drought it may feel like a big deal.  Why or how someone watches golf on TV is beyond my cerebral limitation. The announcers literally whisper whatever crap they’re spewing from their  aristocratic grills. I’d rather watch paint dry then view a golf game on TV. If it wasn’t for Sportscenter most of us wouldn’t know who Rory McIlroy is or any of those foreign smucks.

What are the alternatives, you ask?  Hospital games! 

There are many games for athletes and non athletes staying in the medical prison, I mean wonderful facility. 1.) Try World Cup wheelchair races. Find a willing hospital orderly (transportation attendant, to be PC), throw them a few bucks and they just might  leave a wheelchair or two behind at night.

imageMy only challenge has been finding an opponent in the Cardiac section! At 56 , I’m the youngest one here and since I have been doing laps around the corridor , I’ve scared off the ONLY potential challenger,  who said he ran track at FORDHAM in 1948! After the Second Great War (so old it wasn’t even called World War II then). Damn, it looked like a sure win!

2.) Nurse Alert Decathlon – Conspire with a couple other ” inmates.” At a designated time, everyone presses the red nurse alert button on those TV remotes simultaneously! Get ready for bodies flying into action coming to the rescue– jumping over obstacles like bedpans, over gurneys and wires. Use the  second hand on the wall clock to time and after a full shift, declare the winner!

Now on to the sports news grinding at my brain!


Be careful what you wish for. Will the BIG Ten really help the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers finally climb to the BIG time? While this is potentially a major step in exposure and potential revenue, I believe that if the Knights get flogged and jousted each week, this  move could backfire.

Just when local high school stars started to realize some of  the advantages of staying  local, BIG losses, even in year uno, can kill those aspirations and land them playing touch football in Johnson Park in 5 years! They MUST find their version of JOHNNY FOOTBALL. Are you out there? Here is my look into the future of the State Of RUTGERS Football 2016: Bill Belichick resigns his duties at New England and coaches Rutgers Lacrosse.

With Football back, according to , Rex Ryan has a decision to make. All off-season, we have listened ad nauseum about who the starting QB will be. Who do you think?The fans will be screaming for Michael Vick after Geno Smith throws his first interception. Problem is, this pit bull will be euthanized by a weak defense, as usual. The  J-E-T-S will be back to chaser mode without a true QB. Mark this prediction.

Well that’s all for now…tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, for !

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