Meet The Matts Radio: Is David Wright Done? Is Matt Harvey More Important? Do MLB Managers Matter?

Meet The Matts RadioNEW YORK, NY – We’re back from our prevaricated sabbatical to Turks & Caicos, where we couldn’t find a sound studio on a par with our MTM Carbon Footprint Studios. So today’s Meet The Matts Radio segment, featuring a rather “uppity” Bobby V and “caffeinated” Mad Dog, has particular pep.

The Topics (not to be confused with Tropics):

-Is David Wright Done?

-Is Matt Harvey more important than David Wright?

-Vinny Testaverde, Chad Pennington and Bill Parcells?

-Was Bobby Valentine a better manager than Joe Torre? How about Terry Collins?

-Do MLB Managers  really matter?

You may be surprised about the stances Bobby V, Mad Dog and Matt McCarthy (Short Matt) take… Have a listen and please feel free to comment/giggle/vent below.

Tune in tomorrow for the possible return of one of our Femme Fatales – or Junoir Blaber. You’ll just have to see.

P.s… Without Googling it, what do you call a person from Turks and Caicos? And think about this before you read the comments below!

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