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REAL TOWN, USA Now that the MLB Elitist Crony Club  has celebrated the Silver Anniversary  of its banishment of Pete Rose from Major League Baseball, perhaps it’s time for the fans to vote on whether or not Charlie Hustle should be allowed into the Hall of Fame. Now I realize that this is one HOT potato, but the time has come for someone to grow a set of [base]balls  and spearhead an initiative to exhume the records that he holds- and acknowledge his play ON the field!image

Agree or Disagree:  Let’s hear some pontificateors throw new pitches as to why, in our society that loves to forgive athletes for a plethora of transgressions, it’s not time to put Rose’s mug on some plaque and acknowledge his records.  

Now for the NFL:  Will anyone be able to knock those Seahawks from their nest atop pro football?

Although I’m a Cowboy sufferer, I have always watched the J-E-T-S.   I imagine this would make me a sports masochist.  While the Cowboys will win about five to six games to teams who have reciprocal agreements with Jerry Jones to not play defense, the Jets will have a shot if they adopt the ground and pound to keep more potent offenses off the field . 

Eli Manning is who you thought he was:  He will forever remain in the hearts of all Big Blew (not a typo) Fans. However, his on-the-field performances go head-to-head with Wipeout on ABC!  That helmet catch was no mistake!

" Life's a box of chocolates"
” Life’s a box of chocolates”

So who are the contenders?  Throw some names in a hat and pick ’em. I did just that and here are my predictions!

AFC East –  Dr. Evil and Tommy Cyborg will win.

AFC South- How can you pick anyone else when the Colts have Missing Link Luck and Lil Wayne? 

AFC North-  Johnny Irrelevant will be just that as Flacco and his out-on-bail team win a close one to Ginger Dalton and the Bengals.

AFC West-  Unless he is either kidnapped ( Dr Evil just may do it) or breaks his arm, Peyton “Horse Head” Manning & Cookie’s Broncos gallop to another division title.

NFC East-  Toss that coin… Ah… .Eagles?  No… Redskins…Why not? The “other” Gruden and Kirk Cousins-led Redskins.

NFC South-  Nobody hits the “mark” better than the Mr. Birthmark himself, Drew Brees. The Saints march to the division crown.

NFC North-  Aaron Rodgers and the Packers win this as the Vikings freeze their butts off adjusting to playing outdoors again.

” This ones for… Woody”

NFC West- Umm… Why did the Jets not see Pete Carroll’s potential? Seahawks – unless an outbreak of the Bird Flu takes the entire team out.

And who do YOU pick?  What’s the OVER/UNDER on ANDY REID’s weight?

Stop back tomorrow for Mr/Mrs X, Subbing for Angry Ward, who is looking for Bud Grant.

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