Blaber’s Blabberings: Percy, Me! New York Jets Strike Gold!

The Jets: Still waiting to take off.
The Jets: Still waiting to take off.

EL BARIO, NY – The righteous Deacon Blaber is a man of faith. I like to believe in the goodness of individuals and sports teams. However, from my bully sports pulpit today, we will talk about a team that is a mess – and there may not be enough prayers to save their season or the franchise. That team is the New York Mets… Er,  New York Jets.

I have been a NY Jets fan since 1986, the year I arrived in this great land from West Ghana. The team has given its fans lots of hope and dash that hope that they have given them. MTM staff member FSA touched on it last week, when he said the Jets should get rid of their owner, Woody Johnson. The Jets problem really centers on the three individuals that are the backbone of any franchise. The GM, Coach and 1st choice QB.

2001gra-w800h800z1-24459-this-team-makes-me-drinkJets GM, John Idzik is in his 2nd  year with the club. He spent 23 mill under the cap. The Jets have the ability to sign better players to fill the needs that they have at quarterback. The Jets have a defensive backfield lacking cover guys like a few years ago. No Revis or Cromartie. The offense lost guys like Plaxico Burress and Thomas Jones and they have not been properly replaced. They bring in guys who are no longer big time choices like Santonio Holmes, LeDanian Tomlinson and now Chris Johnson. In the Jets early success under Rex Ryan, they surrounded their mediocre quarterback with top shelf talent and weapons. Who on the Jets is a top 25 talent?

Rex “Let’s Get Some Fracking Snacks” Ryan, has been exposed as an over-glorified defensive coordinator. He is Wade Phillips 2.0. Son of a legendary NFL coach, but unable to NOT be a let-the-kids-have-ice cream-for-breakfast type coach. He has no idea how to build an offense and believes it’s all about the “D” – since he was part of a Ravens staff that won with Trent Dilfer as a QB, and a philosophy of just don’t screw up.  And to top it off, after a bad season where he allowed the top level supporting cast to be gutted from his team and leave his mediocre QB with no help, he went and drafted an even more mediocre QB and still no weapons.

Now we get to the mediocre QB. I realize that people are saying Geno Smith played the best game of his pro career Thursday night. But the Jets still lost by 2. The Jets were only in that game because of the Defense. Smith took bad sacks and never got rid of the ball when he should have. Chris Ivory’s running helped him out loads. The Jets still stalled in the red zone, going 2 of 6 in terms of Touchdowns. All you need to know was to look at the 2-point conversion. Hold that ball one second later and we have a tie game. 1 second was the difference. Brady, Manning x 2, Cutler, Rodgers all make that throw, Never in a month of Sundays will Geno.

P.s…  As I typed this last night, I heard about the Jets trade for Percy Harvin. I have seen many careers die w/ the Jets, so let’s reserve judgment. But Percy, me! Did the Jets strike gold?!

Come back tomorrow for a man that strikes gold every Sunday with his NFL Picks and state-of-the-art The Gambler’s Source website, Cheesy Bruin.

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