Can the Giants beat the Cowboys? NFC News & Nuggets

"the best thing about visiting the president is the free food"
"the best thing about visiting the president is the free food"
“Best thing about visiting thePresident is the free food!”

SEATTLE, WA –  “The Dallas Cowboys will break- your-heart,” says Stephen A. Smith of ESPN. Smith routinely  laughs aloud as he utters those words taunting co-host Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take. Who will get the last laugh this year?

The NFC race has just become more intriguing as the jokers of  Jerry World have wiped the smiles off the faces of their detractors.  The Cowboys loaded up their six-shooters and shot down some Seahawks en route to a 30-23 victory and a place atop the NFC East.

Meanwhile down in the Always Sunny Cty of Philadelphia, the Eagles preyed upon an absolutely horrible Big Blew squad. The beat-down itself was not so remarkable.  The lack of fight by Coughlin’s Heroes was embarrassing for any football fan to witness. The prior three-game “winning streak” was a mirage at best.  The Jints defeated three teams as bad as they are, so they were the best of the worst….  Washington has mailed it in and is deciding on who to waste another top-five pick on… again…  Atlanta is who we thought they were… .a team lacking in toughness,  who has underachieved again.  Finally, Houston has one player,  JJ Watt.

Tony , please pay attention!
Tony! Please pay attention!

What’s next for Eli Gump and crew?  OH, NO ! It’s the revamped Cowboys, featuring a no-name defense with a side of a Muscles Marinelli. This defensive Chef is serving hustle de jour, working the system and actually making stops and creating a turnover here and there. The offensive line is absolutely dominating defenses and keeping opposing offenses off the field.

Do the Giants have an answer for this? Eli does love playing in the Jerry Dome and Tony Romo loves drama, so there’s some hope for the always-overconfident Big Blew Nation, right?

Stop DeMarco Murray and you will stop Dallas. Easy to say, but after that performance against Shady McCoy,  it’s doubtful that Perry’s boys have enough [Perry] Fuel in the tank to handle the number one rushing team in the NFL.  Pack the box and then Romo is allowed to unleash The Bryant.

There is hope for the Giants.  Simply exploit a weak run defense and win the time of possession battle! Oh, that’s right, NEW YORK has NO running game. Oops!

Should be a good one.


Am I the only one thinking that the sponsors who shell out huge money are kicking themselves over the potential match-ups here?  While we ALL would love to see the Royals or Baltimore take on Frisco or St.Louis,  the numbers are sure to be dreadful, especially if Frisco gets in again.  Who is staying up for that one?

Tomorrow, a surprise columnist who stays up all night. That’s all I know.

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