Week 7 NFL Picks: Colts, Bengals, Packers, and Panthers

Indy loves Andrew Luck

LOS VEGAS, NM – Another week of NFL Picks and another week of two wins and two losses, but I continue to smoke the Las Vegas odds-makers on The Gamblers Source at a 67% clip. While my Sunday selections here at MTM have concentrated on the NFL locals, this week is an exception with the Jets having gamely failed against the “Hoodies” on Thursday Night Football and more importantly, the Giants facing the Cowboys in Texas today. I can not and will not offer advice on any Cowboys-Giants game since I, along with Grinding Ax Walter, are Dallas fans and are in a no-win situation when forced to make a prediction on this rivalry. If we pick the Cowboys, we are “homers.” if we choose the Giants (with or without the point spread) there is the implication of a veiled agenda. I’ll call this the Joseph Randle Effect, where we smell good but need a change of underwear – having shat the shorts.

So, we’ll go with the televised games for the NY area:

Indy loves Andrew Luck
Indy loves Andrew Luck

INDIANAPOLIS -3 (50) over Cincinnati
What happens to a team when it’s All-Pro wide receiver misses a game due to a severely stubbed toe? Not much, apparently. The Bengals managed to score 37 points without the services of A.J. Green and will most likely be without him again today but the bigger problem appears to be on the Orange Cats defensive side of the ball having yielded 37 and 43 points the past two games. Captain Caveman and his Colts host the wobbling Bengals. Nothing ever seems to go against Andrew Luck and HC Chuck Pagano on the field as the pair are living a charmed life as they win and win late more often than not so what’s to think things will go differently today?
Score: Colts 30, Bengals 23
Picks: INDIANAPOLIS -3 and OVER 50

The back is packed
The back is packed

GREEN BAY -7 (50) over Carolina
The Packers are 4-2 on the year but a very underwhelming bunch thus far with an escape victory versus the mighty Jets and a last-second W in Miami. Green Bay has yet to hit their stride and a bettor shouldn’t feel too comfortable laying a large number with this team.  The Panthers aren’t to be taken lightly even if they are far from healthy in the offensive backfield. All four of the team’s running backs are questionable with some sort of injury but their best runner is probably QB Scam Newton and he isn’t shy in letting you know this fact. It really helps when you have a signal-caller like Newton to keep the chains moving with his feet and when Vegas is throwing better than a touchdown your way, it’s a very sound investment.  The Panthers find themselves in a grueling stretch of its second game of five straight against last year’s playoff teams.  The front-end on this schedule is when you should grab points and the latter portion when you lay the number based on sheer fatigue.  Remember this nugget, folks.
Score: Packers 27, Panthers 21
Picks: Carolina +7 and UNDER 50


P.s… Come back tomorrow for a Buffalo kind of Cowboy, DJ Eberle.

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