Best and Worst TV Sports Announcers

HOME OFFICE, NJ –  Opinions are like A$$h*les and when it come to sports, there are millions. While we conjure up our pithy little pieces for the ” Love of the Game,” we pay the bills with real jobs… just ask MTM Management – it’s their business plan. There are however, those who actually get paid to spew out wads of personal conjecture and I submit to you, my list of Best and Worst TV Sports Announcers:

Johnathan Barberie bought me this outfit!
Johnathan Wicklow Barberie bought me this

NFL Football:
Best:  Al Michaels –Longevity on National TV  is a testament to Michaels professional delivery void of an overdose of narcissistic banter.  You can place anyone in the booth with him (perhaps NOT Dennis Miller) and they would succeed.
Worst:  Hello Friends, Jim Nance: Nance is as close to canned as you will ever hear.  He is indeed suited for the PGA tour and it’s audience of pastel pants wearing hacks.  There are plenty of  worthy sports crooners that CBS can promote to the Primetime position.

Major League Baseball:
Best–  Vince Scully- Sixty Five years at the same job?  This all-time great is smooth as silk and comes from the same backyard(Bronx ) as many of these Meet The Matts contributors.  Scully is hands down the purist of all baseball play by play legends.
Worst: Suzyn Waldman & John Sterling-  I have heard many a homer crew and nobody is better than these two nauseating microphone swallowers.  When I had to commute 75 miles each way a few years ago, I occasionally would listen to local broadcasts. These are the worst ever.

Best:  Gary Thorne…  While Mets fans may not agree, Thorne can make Rugby even exciting!  (Don’t worry we have that category). He currently focuses on Baltimore Oriole broadcasts, but there is a reason his voice rules EA Sports NHL video games every year since 2008.  A close second was Sam Rosen, but I did not want to be a Homer….
WorstSteve Cangialosi-   I was not a Mike Emrick fan, but Stevey belongs doing sports on News 12 or local high school football.  The Devils became not only boring on the ice but their play by play payroll budget must really low.

Best- Marv (say Yessssssss to the Dress) Albert.  When dressed as a man, nobody does it better.
Worst:  Anyone named Tirico.

" SCRUMptious play
SCRUMptious play: Wicklow Barberie

Best: Johnathan Wicklow Barberie…  can you name another Rugby announcer?
Worst- Johnathan Wicklow Barberie… That jacket needs to be dry cleaned!

If you have other opinions, and I’m sure you do, chime in.

Angry Ward offers up his weekly diatribe tomorrow, written as he listened to Hokus Pokus by Focus.

P.s… Big Blew Monday Night Update: GUMP & Company got BLOWN OUT with Ahmad Bradshaw running over the little Giants and chewing up turf for the Colts.

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