Indoor NFL Picks, Jets vs Bills in Detroit, Ravens, Un-Saintly Saints

zeePOUGHKEEPSIE, NY – Much has been said about the weather these days and rightly so, with the Buffalo area getting seven to eight feet, not inches, of snow that has postponed a Sabres game versus the Rangers and moved the Jets-Bills game to an indoor affair Monday night in Detroit. Nothing like going from a desperate weather situation to an economically depressed area. Will any fans show up at this game even though tickets are free? While us down-staters deal with an autumnal cold snap, Fall has been canceled upstate and gone straight to winter, probably until May – when all that white stuff melts.

Speaking of warming trends, local news weather-foxes, Amy Freeze and Audrey Puente cause a warm front felt directly in my loins with their forecasts and Ginger Zee’s gams deserve an honorable mention. Freeze has a great weather name but an even better “persona” [ahem], as I digress from talking New York football. As I’ve outlined weeks ago, there will be no analysis on any Cowboys-Giants game – to avoid being called a “front-runner” or having a veiled agenda. This week I’ll focus on the Indoor NFL Picks, specifically the Monday night doubleheader – but be sure to catch my other FREE selections at The Gamblers Source.
Buffalo Bills -3 (41.5) versus New York Jets at DETROIT
Do the Bills really want to travel anywhere knowing that their families and houses have to withstand all that f*!#ing snow atop and around the homestead? This whole lake-effect snow has been a distraction to every facet of life and they have to play a football game against a team who hasn’t packed it in like – most people thought. The Jets are the road team and have to travel no matter where they have to play this game so they don’t give a squat about the weather. Ford Field, not Frank or Storm Field, will be dry and warm, so there’s no home-away-from-home field advantage for buffalobilly84‘s hometown team. To be honest, I’d rather see a Bay City Rollers or Eminem concert than sit through this one. But I may be forced to start Eric Decker in my fantasy league and have to check things out. Buffalo looked miserable against Miami in their last game, returned to miserable weather, and play the miserable Jets. Let’s call this the Misera-Bowl. YAWN!
Score: Bills 10, Jets 9
Picks: Jets +3 and UNDER 41.5

Angry_Ward and Bengals-Fan Saints_Fan Meet_The_Matts
Angry Ward aghast after un-Saintly fans steals ball.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -3.5 (50) over Baltimore Ravens
That guy in the front row behind the Mercedes-Benz Superdome end-zone who intercepted a touchdown ball from a Bengals player that was intended for a female Cincy fan, still hasn’t given that ball back and should be signed to play defense for the Saints. Simply put, they have failed under the stewardship of Rob Ryan. This is the same Rob Ryan who singlehandedly helped the Cowboys to unprecedented failure on the defensive side of the ball. His lack of a defense is putting even more pressure on an under-performing offense that just doesn’t look right without Lance Moore and Darren Sproles. The Saints’ hangover from their OT loss to the Niners two weeks ago at home was evident in a no-show performance against the struggling Bengals last week – also at home. Can they go for the trifecta of another home loss or the equivalent of a bowling turkey (three strikes in a row) since it’s Thanksgiving time? I say why not since into the Big Easy comes a team, the Baltimore Ravens, that seems to be involved in close games all the time. It seems like the prime-time games have been dreadful so here’s hoping this contest is entertaining at the very least.
Score: Saints 34, Ravens 31
Picks: Ravens +3.5 and OVER 50

Come back tomorrow for a Doc Diz, who’ll be subbing in for a frozen-over DJ Eberle.

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