Blaber’s Blabberings: Carmelo, Knicks, A-Rod, #MoneyvPacman

EL BARRIO, THE BRONX – Apparently less is more on MTM. After last week, it became apparent that it is more appreciated when the good Deacon Blaber just dives straight into the topics. So waste not want not, today you will hear my thoughts on Carmelo Anthony, the NY Knicks, Alex Rodriguez and #MoneyvPacman (or Floyd Money Mayweather vs Manny Pacman Pacquiao for you non-hashtaggers).

Carmelo: So he is down for the season after surgery. The whole MTM staff expected him to mail it in after the All-Star game but none of us expected this. He claimed a long standing injury, played the All-Star game then says, that’s it I am done for the year. Well donr sir! That is a new low for being a narcissistic, pea-hearted athlete. If only Alex Rodriguez, didn’t have that letter to bail him out, the dogs would have been set loose on him.

carmelo-anthony-opt-outNew York Knicks: One of my many friends hasn’t been quoted in a while, but earlier this week I got a text from my old college roommate, Kris Njui, who is called  “Kenya” because he is from Kenya and moved there after college.  He went on to say “Man, your New York Knickerbockers suck like on a whole new level. Record since 2001-2; 30-52, 37-45, 39-43, 33-49, 23-59, 33-49, 23-59, 32-50, 29-53, 42-40, 36-30, 54-28, 37-45, 10-43 now.”

It was the one winning season that caught me off guard. Either way, there was no way to respond but to say, “Yup!” With no ‘Melo and at 10 wins, I can only hope they don’t win again this season so I can win my bet with Angry Ward and JG Clancy.

Alex Rodriguez smokes cigarAlex Rodriguez: Does this guy has a publicist? If so, are they being paid well? The things he does -or gets advised to do – just seem to be the dumbest things on earth. Who tells him this stuff is a good idea? This handwritten letter was just dumb. (Although the one he never sent was brilliant). The letter should have been shorter and more direct. Or better yet, not said anything! He should have kept his head down and out of the news as much as possible. Here’s an idea, Al; let your game do the talking. And before this stunt, he was working out with Barry Bonds. What in the actual F*@%!k is that?! Who in their right minds thinks that is a good idea?! Even my mother was incredulous. “Why would you work out with somebody who has such a bad rep?!” she asked.

For the record, Ma Blaber, believes Bonds is maligned because he was black. The way they have let Mark McGuire get a free ride (and is back in baseball) bothers her. However, even she said, “If you know they hate this boy, Bonds, then they will hate you.” Fair or not, it is just common sense. Matter of fact, Alex, My mom should be your publicist; she is good at making sure her boys don’t do stupid things.

#MoneyvPacman: It is about 3-4 years to late but Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao will finally box each other [apparently]. It has taken too long and I have lost interest but much like other major sporting events, I am sure I will be invited to a party and will go. Food and booze, mainly paid for by someone else, is hard to turn away – so why not go?

That is all. Thanks for listening and check in with Cheesy Bruin, who will have the mic, tomorrow.

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