Angry Bruin re NCAA Gay Rights, NHL Tomfoolery, MLB Opening Day Folly

UPSTATE, NYAngry Ward, MTM’s slugger and clean-up hitter, is out of the lineup today with a bug strong enough to penetrate an alcohol-soaked immune system, normally adept at keeping such infections at bay. In his stead, I will attempt to channel the inner angst that makes our man’s sports vision colored red with rage re NCAA Gay Rights Hypocrisy, NHL Tomfoolery and MLB Opening Day Folly.

Somewhere over the Rainbow
Somewhere over the Rainbow

Indiana is a hot button topic with their “Religious Freedom” Law, which is really nothing more than a “discrimination law” against the LGBT community. The Indiana-based NCAA, of all institutions, has enlightened America with their view on this issue while they govern over and oppress indentured slaves called student-athletes. Clean up your own House of Mistreatment before you decide to pull the Final Four out of Indianapolis, you bunch of corporate hypocrites!

A few items on hockey. This nonsense I hear from Rangers fans regarding the return to play of Henrik Lundqvist is making me shake my head and then spin altogether. Calling for Cam Talbot, who admittedly did the heavy lifting well during the absence of a player called “The King” and exhaustingly defended by Blueshirts fans, is now something of Shakespearean figure, as fans paint him as the Brutus to the Swede’s Caesar. You guys are just as bad as the NCAA. Lundqvist ain’t goin’ to the bench for the playoffs, as Short Matt said yesterday. That’s that.

beesThe Boston Bruins continue to give me ulcers, as they have over the course of this 2014-15 season. This is a team that is challenged to score goals, no matter who the opponent. Yeah, they’ve had their share of injuries to key personnel – but so does every other team. Ownership has been critical of the team’s play and are just as frustrated as diehard fans. Claude Julien is a very good hockey coach and has battled through GM Peter Chiarelli’s dismantling, utter ignorance and destruction of a team’s chemistry. Remember, they finished number one overall last season. It’s time to take the keys to the store from this guy. Julien might not be far behind, as this team – if they make the playoffs – will most likely be one and done. Tee times come early again in Beantown.


What’s this ridiculousness of tinkering with MLB? You want to time a batter in the box? Fine, I understand moving the game along but to go so far as to tinker with the strategy of making defensive shifts illegal is frogging absurd! Hey, if a guy can’t learn to hit a ball to the opposite field, or God forbid learn to lay down a bunt to keep a defense honest, then pitch him inside and let him try to pull the ball against a flooded defense. That’s the player’s fault – or an organization for not teaching fundamentals during his assent through the system.

Finally, why does it matter who starts on Opening Day for a team?bart All I’ve been seeing on sports channels is who a team has as it’s first-game starter. It doesn’t freaking matter! It’s one of 162 – even with the pomp and circumstance. It’s who finishes in sports and not about who starts, especially in a regular season for teams with no shot to win a damn thing.

I’m f***ing done.  Hope I was angry enough for ya!

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