NY Rangers, NHL Final Four and Alfred Hitchcock?

Boudreau Presents.

imageFREEHOLD, NJ – As I was sitting in the doctors office waiting for “MY TURN” on the treadmill during a nuclear stress test, I pondered how I would feel if the New York Rangers lost their bid for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Scanning the waiting area I noticed, again, that I was the youngest one there. Why did that even dawn on me? Well, some of us will not have too many more opportunities to witness this special accomplishment. While a few of these seniors certainly had grills similar to most hockey players, I’m not sure if they would they even care. Perhaps the lady nodding off in the corner chair dated Gump Worsley back in the day?  And the guy across from me looking very anxious may have grown up with Lou Lamoriello. What’s it matter?

To rabid hockey disciples, especially Blueshirt fans, watching these playoff games is like riding on a roller coaster. The highs and lows of emotion rival any stress test.  Pass the Valium .  When the Blueshirts abandon all the fundamental strategy that got them to this third round, along with missing more point blank open nets than an MLS striker, it makes my head and ticker pound. King Henrik is going to look human every once in a while, and boy did he in that 6-5 loss last eve! The  team “leaders” must man up, put on their Big Boy pants and show up when it counts.  Occasional hits and aggressive play will not get it done, Rick! Marty! 

[Hitchcockian] Boudreau  Presents.
[Hitchcockian] Boudreau Presents.
Ducks v Blackhawks:  Regardless of who wins this series, one thing is for sure: Alfred Hitchcock Boudreau’s team plays a fowl game of hockey – reminiscent of the Charlestown Chiefs in Slap Shot. Their nasty forwards are pecking away at Chicago much like The Birds ravaged Tippi Hedren. Win or lose, the Blackhawks are getting plucked up physically.

Robert is Krafty. The New England Patriots owner is not fooling anyone with his “accepting” the punishment handed down by the NFL. To this, I ask you one question. If you were a billionaire, is one million dollars a fair price for a Super Bowl title? Hopefully Roger Goodell does not cave on the Brady four-game suspension to appease his buddy.

Hey Canada, remember this?
Hey Canada, remember this?

This Day in Sports History:
May 21st 1967: Whitey Ford pitched in his last game.
May 21st 1977: Seattle Slew won the Preakness.
May 21st 1979: the Montreal Canadians won the Stanley Cup by defeating the Rangers 4 games to 1. NOTE: Les Habs were the last Canadian team to hoist the Cup in 1993.

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