Switch Pitcher? Charley Finley, Bill Veeck and Caitlyn Jenner are Smiling

charley finleyOAKLAND, CA – While we cover for the 2nd day in a row for an over-served African American pundit gone AWOL – this time it’s Ghanian-American drunkard, Junoir Blaber – we couldn’t help but manage a smile at the news out of O.co Coliseum (A’s get a “F” for naming rights) about Pat Venditte, the switch-pitcher. Heck, it’s a great way to follow up yesterday’s piece on switch-hitter Bruce Caitlyn Jenner. And as the baseball gods would have it, the switch-pitcher faced a switch-hitter!

If only it could have been Nick Swisher!

This Venditte cat labored in the minors for years before making his debut last night in relief vs bosoxbruins04’s Red Sox. At a “gritty” 29-years-old, he finally made the show, and it’s only fitting that he did it for Charlie Finley’s Athletics. You know baseball’s P.T. Barnum is smiling someplace. And don’t think for a second that Bill Veeck isn’t jealous. P.s… Did you know Veeck lost a leg due to injuries suffered in WWII?

Bill Veeck
WWII hero Bill Veeck with a leg up on the competition?

But all this switching around has us thinking. What if Jenner was 25 and an excellent baseball player. In fact, what if he was the slugging (switch-hitting, of course) shortstop for the Mets or Yankeesa cavernous need filled for either club – and suddenly decided to be Caitlyn? Would his being a “woman” be legal in MLB terms? Would it be accepted? Would the club back him/her? Would you, the one that pays the bills, care?

ike-davis-mlb-oakland- jg clancy Meet_The_MattsPersonally, we’d love it. But we’d hope that our switch-hitting switch-hitter had serious earplugs for trips to Philadelphia and Boston.

Now if only A’s fan JG Clancy could convince Venditte to go Full Caitlyn – a Venditte Jenner Vendetta, if you will.

We can dream, can’t we?

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