Speechless: New York Mets, Jets, Knicks, Rangers and Red Bulls Doing Well

Jacob "Needs a haircut" de Grom
Jacob “Needs a haircut” de Grom

EL BARRIO, LA BRONX – Normally around this of the year, I am grumpy. I am grumpy because I have to turn my attention toward English soccer. That is because all my teams are usually out of the playoffs or off to a bad start to the season  and I have to find other ways of being entertained. Not so this year. Everything is going good and not much to be angry over. I feel like Angry Ward‘s evil twin, Affable Wade. Either way let’s look at the New York teams and see why I have no reason to complain.

New York Mets – Wooohooo! We won in spite of that terrible injury to Ruben Tejada and blown call. I love how the Mets have stopped babying the young pitchers and have gone for it. If I have one complaint it is about de Grom and Snydergaard. It is probably because as Ma Blaber likes to say I am my father’s son – I know what your thinking. Whose son would I be!?! She just means I am like my dad. And of course I must say, RIP Senoir. Anyway, I just look at those two pitchers and think, those boys need a haircut! Your professionals for Pete’s sake!! Look like it!

Todd "Milk and Cookies" Bowles
Todd “Milk and Cookies” Bowles

New York Jets – Well, well, well. The Jetsies are 3-1. Although that is not better than the Cheatriots, it is a positive. It is also a better start than the last two seasons, so I will take that! And they have a black coach! What can I complain about. Well how about that head coach Todd Bowles just received a huge shipment of chocolate chip cookies from Chips Ahoy because they found out he likes to celebrate wins with some cookies and milk, alone in his office. Milk and Cookies!?! Not some Scotch and a great cigar!? So lame.

New York Knicks – They are undefeated and tied for first place in East! Yes the season hasn’t begun but why bring down my high with details. This is the best they will look all season!

New York Rangers – Wow!! They are out of the gates and looking good. Yes they got blanked last night but they are still 3-2 and they seem to be clicking early. Bringing in the two Swedes and putting J.T. Miller on that line seems like a good call by Viggy so far, so let’s hope they can get back on a win streak and lock-up the 1 seed.

Red Bulls fan
Red Bulls fan

New York Red Bulls – Yup!! Even my NY soccer team is doing well. The will win the Supporter’s Shield. In the club’s 20 year history, this is only the second trophy they have won. They won the same trophy two years ago. It goes to the team with the best regular season record. If this was Europe, they would be champions but this is ‘Murikka and we have playoffs. The Red Bulls like most NY teams tend to struggle and break hearts when it comes to the playoffs but hey, for now we are top of the heap!!

So with nothing to complain about, I am just gonna enjoy my 12 year old triple cask Balvenie with a Cuban cigar and work on making Trenoir.

Come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin!!

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