Jones World, World Series, Movember, and Free NFL Picks

rbWACK-O, TX – That proverbial blind squirrel (me) found an acorn last week, going 3-1 on my picks as I changed the format to a seek-and-find mission for the MTM audience – rather than a game analysis. Bettors are superstitious, so here’s to hoping the winners keep coming under the guise of more sports items.

Jones’ World! Party time! Excellent! Not! Let me get something straight about the Dallas Cowboys. Joseph Randle is a shoplifter and was involved in a domestic violence incident involving his “baby mama” this past February for which he is facing NFL suspension. Randle was cut Tuesday by the team. On Friday, graphic pictures were released showing the bruised and battered body of Greg Hardy’s girlfriend which, like Randle, he was “legally” cleared. There was also the fact that the woman uses assault weapons as a duvet.  Wink. Wink. I’m a New Yorker. I’m cynical by nature as it seems like money was exchanged for the beating but the severity of the Hardy case outweighs that of Randle’s. Randle is no longer a Dallas Cowboy at a time where Jerry Jones faces his latest public relations nightmare of keeping a maniacal defensive end on the active roster amid outbursts on and off the field.  Makes perfect sense, no?  DALL/Phil OVER 44.

One hundred and one points and 1,024 yards later there was a winner in the Giants-Saints game seemingly ending at midnight.  The Saints won as Drew Brees tied the NFL record for TD passes (7) in a game while Giants defensive personnel where pointing at each other and places on the field exploited by the New Orleans offense.  This was a classic case of a game plan being implemented to precision.  Not to sell the Giants short on offense either the in game adjustments made it a contest not decided until a late penalty negated a turnover.  coolioOne other thing.  New Orleans minus eight over Tennessee.  Dwayne Harris is emerging as the new Victor Cruz.

A deeper cut than the Giants getting “blowed up” (thank you, Emmit Smith) occurred late last Sunday night when the Metsies lost the World Series and another game in which they led late.  You rip the ball out or cut the hand off of Matt Harvey after the walk, Terry Collins.  All told, it was a fantastic voyage for the New York Mets.  Carolina plus two and a half over Green Bay.  Hey, Royals, take your trophy and shove it up your a$$!  And wait ’til next year!

Went to the doctor for my annual physical that included the rubber glove treatment.  It’s Movember and as men, we take inventory on both of our heads (mental and prostate) health while growing facial hair.  Pittsburgh/Oakland under forty-eight.  When you do have your physicals, make sure to lock the doctor’s office bathroom door.  Nobody deserves to see an old man’s decrepit body wiping his ass as I did when preparing to enter said bathroom in order to fill a urine cup.

See ya next week.

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