Vote No on McAdoo; Yes on Piazza! Tom Coughlin Done!

tom-coughlin-retires-giants-coachADA, OH – The world is talking about outgoing New York Football Giants Coach Tom Coughlin – but with today’s news cycles, I feel compelled to quickly make my points and get the hell out. My fear is that somehow Owners John Mara and Steve Tisch will change their minds and Giants fans will be stuck with the legendary coach for another year or two. To be clear: Coughlin should have been relieved of his duties 3 years and 17 game collapses and no-show performances ago. But why rehash?

It’s starting to sound like Giants Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo is the favorite to succeed Coughlin. This would be an awful decision. In most of the games in which the Giants kicked away victory, it was NOT the much maligned (rightfully so) Jints’ Defense that did them in at the end.                                                                                                                                                                                     mcadoo

It was the inability of the OFFENSE, with McAdoo calling plays-to make a single first down when achieving ONE FIRST DOWN would have salted wins away in at least 5 of those losses. McAdoo comes out of this mess of a season looking? What? Good? Competent? No way. McAdoo’s offense begins and ends with putting the ball in Odell Beckham Jr’s hands-and he has shown an inability to do even that. Take OBJ out of the lineup, such as he was  vs. Minnesota in Week 16 and the Giants Offense is non-existentMcAdoo has been an unmitigated failure in his role as OC. Promoting him would be a massive, colossal mistake. And that’s to say nothing of the Sy Sperling bird’s nest on his head.


The Coach I believe to be most worth pursuing is Sean Payton. Sure, Payton was the head coach in New Orleans when monster sociopath Gregg Williams roamed the sidelines in the Bayou as Defensive Coordinator.  But what could Peyton have known?  When Williams was screaming for the heads of opposing players, Payton was scouring the trainers’ medicine cabinets for loose Vicodin. So Payton gets a pass from me on that one.

We are now “R.A. Dickey” number of days until Pitchers and Catchers. It is beginning to look like free agent outfielders such as Yoenis Cespedes and Justin Upton are being victimized by collusive owners who have no problem giving $80M to 4th starters like Mike Leake, but are inexplicably drawing the line on hitters. There’s even now speculation that these two sluggers may have to take “pillow” deals-a 1 or 2 year deal with a high average annual value, and re-enter free agency in a year or two when market dynamics shift again.

I am so looking forward to (real) Sandy Alderson not explaining himself when Cespedes or Upton signs for 1 year somewhere, and he’s left holding the Alejandro de Aza bag. He’ll have some double talking to do in which he tells Met fans absolutely nothing about why he rushed to give $7M to a replacement level player like de Aza. And finally, the greatest hitting catcher of all time belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Let’s get Alex Trevino into Cooperstown where he belongs.

Angry Ward is irreplaceable though, so come back tomorrow for the Oracle of the Outer Boroughs.


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