Snow Job: My Day with Mets Legend Ed Lynch!

Ed Lynch, my pal?

HEAD OF THE HARBOR,  NY – By the time the iPhone on my Mets nightstand stopped ringing, I had already broken a rib, stubbed a toe and twisted an ankle. A costly reach just to answer the phone at 2:40 AM on a Saturday morning.

I had to get to the damned phone because… God forbid, it’s my Mom down in Delray? My father-in-law in Greenlawn? You know, the old-timer who thinks I’m still 23 and capable of physical things that I’ve not attempted in 30 years? “Come on over around 7:00 am on Sunday. Dig my car out and then shovel the front walkway so I can get the hell out of here.” Was he kidding Heck, I spent Sunday afternoon digging myself out – and did so both badly and ineffectively – unless you consider coming to within an inch of becoming a “dead shovel” a success?

Anyway, that early morning call was from old friend Ed Lynch, former pitcher for the Mets and Cubs and Cubs’ GM. Did you know he was a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law?

Lynch – as regular FSA readers will recall – is an old buddy of mine, with whom I’ve shared many grilled cheese sandwiches and a life long fascination with Grant Goodeve, one-time star of iconic 70s TV classic, Eight is Enough. Well, not exactly Goodeve himself, but Goodeve’s fictional character on the show; oldest son David Bradford. David had the life – he had the hottest sisters on the planet. A whole house full in fact!


I had just been bar mitzvahed and sat down one evening to find the incredibly fetching Nancy Bradford on my black and white tv screen. Her sister Susan was also smoking. Marlboros. And I remember that Lynch had this infatuation with the family’s oldest daughter, Mary. Ed had it bad for Mary. So bad, he left his Brooklyn home one morning – shortly after being drafted by the Texas Rangers – on a quest.

Steady Eddie heard Eight is Enough was casting for a character who played baseball. They even had this character named-Merle “the Pearl” Stockwell. Lynch was a shoo-in. But he had to get to Hollywood and win this part. Anything for Ed to be near “Mary.”

So, Eddie hopped a Greyhound and made the 8-day trek to audition for the role. By the time Ed arrived in LA, the part had already been given to Brian Patrick Clarke. Clarke had played some ball in high school, and had the ’70s blow-dried Hollywood looks to pull it off. Lynch was devastated, heartbroken.


Lynch waited 2 days on the lot to get a glimpse of Lani O’Grady, the young actress who played Mary… and with whom Ed was desperately smitten. O’Grady heard of his journey and presented him with an autographed picture and encouragement to pursue his baseball dream.

Thankfully, Ed did recover from that moment and had a successful 8-year MLB career.

But back to that phone call… Blizzard or no blizzard, my pal Ed called me in the wee hours on Saturday because he was stuck without a ride at LaGuardia, as the weather grew worse. My father-in-law was thrilled to meet Lynch on Sunday morning – when Ed and I showed up with shovels in our hands.

Always a pal, that Ed Lynch. And he still loves his grilled cheese!


Speaking of someone who cuts the cheese with aplomb, tune in tomorrow for Angry Ward… and look for FSA on Twitter at @AldersonFake and the bosses at @MeetTheMatts.

P.s… Is the above account True or False and why?

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