Grinding Ax: Terrell Owens belongs in NFL Hall of Fame!

"Dats my Quarterback"

CANTON, OH – The NFL Hall of Fame Committee has always been a “Boys Club” for those who abuse their power. As a result, the lines are blurred as to who makes the cut and why. Is it a popularity contest? How do they actually measure one candidate from another? Is this about a players popularity within the ranks or their actual play between the white lines? Is the process contrarian ? How the frogging bunk tile doesn’t Terrell Owens make the cut?

Volumes can be composed of the wasted effort when trying to decipher The Da Vinci Code needed to unlock the Hall of Busts door.  Can the rationale doled out by the likes of Gary Meyers and Sal Paolantonio be trusted to make the absolute right decision ?

I think not! 

"Dats my Quarterback"
“Dat’s my Quarterback”

While most of the yearly classes entering the Hall are full of retired pigskinners, there are plenty of head-scratching omissions. This year, I present to you the case of one Terrell Eldorado Owens. 

There is no doubt that “TO” behaved like an a$$hole during his career. He displayed sophomoric behavior on and off the sidelines for each of the teams he played. A give me the ball attitude was his mantra. Well, my popcorn was by-the-ready, waiting be munched as I watched him reap the rewards of a fantastic on the field career. What?! How can a Cowboys fan want to see a Tony Romo tormentor join the NFL’s greatest into football immortality?!

Let’s just extrapolate the numbers .

Owens has statistics that dwarf many current Hall of Famers. He is 3rd all-time in regular season touchdowns, 2nd all-time in regular season yardage – behind only Jerry Rice, 6th all-time in regular season receptions, 2nd all time with seasons of 13 or more touchdowns. These are instant entry stats. For most people.

How the Hell did I get in?
How the Hell did I get in?

If you listen to his former teammates , the consensus is that Terrell Owens was a hard-working player who made their team better. Speak to most fans and they will tell you that they wish he was on their team. Eagles Fans loved this guy and would have rather seen Donovan McChoke exit before Owens.  Cowboys fans had a some playoff hope when he was on that team. Let’s not forget his tearful defense of Tony “Oh No” Romo following a typical big game meltdown. His emotions were genuine, despite being the root of his wearing out his welcome with teams. Opponents hated him because he was a complete beast on the gridiron. He also holds records for being the oldest receiver to have touchdowns over 78 yards. ( he had two. 78 and 98)

My opinion sucks!
My opinion sucks!

If Marvin Harrison can get into the Hall with blood on his hands and Brett Favre is welcomed with pictures of his junk sent to female team employees, then being an a$$hole should not block his entry and place among the best of the best.

Terrell Owens belongs in the National Football League Hall of Fame! 

Now chime in with your opinions including your thoughts on other deserving players who have been shafted.

Stop back tomorrow for a Meet The Matts Town Hall Meeting hosted by Different Matt, who is wearing a robe in Dubai.

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