Throwback Thor, Best Trade Ever, Roberto Alomar On Camera

CHAVEZ RAVINE, L.A. – While watching Son Of Zeus, Noah Syndergaard – known in some circles simply as Thor – strike down upon the Dodgers in avenging the Lost Souls of Brooklyn (we feel your pain, Bernie Sanders), today’s topics were borne: Throwback Thor, Best Trade Ever, Roberto Alomar On Camera.

Syndergaard Thor Spicoli Drago Meet_The_Matts

Throwback Thor: Okay, so maybe throwback isn’t the first word that pops into your head about Thordergaard. After all, he’s 6’6″ of gym-chiseled might, hopefully au naturel – with long blond locks. He’s more of a Drago meets Spicoli if you want to say throwback. Anyway, West Coast Craig was at Dodger Stadium last night to witness the Gods’ Wrath Upon O’Malley up close and personal – from the leftfield bleachers – and can tell you that this guy may be the MVP some day. At the very least, he’s now the most exciting player in New York sports and could arguably be the biggest draw to your TV on the mound in all of baseball.

Which leads us to…

Best Trade Ever: Big Al Sternberg/Fake Sandy Alderson will be choking back vomit when he reads this, but R.A. Dickey for Travis d’Arnaud has blossomed into what could be the most lopsided trade since Nolan Ryan went for Jim Fregosi. Why? Because a #34 was also included in that deal. Can you guess who? If you guessed the aforementioned Thordergarrd, you’d be Wright… right. The kid was an add-on. And along with drafting Michael Conforto (and his hot Mom Tracie Ruiz) and getting Zack Wheeler for Carlos Beltran – who will make up for the loss of Steven Matz when he finds out he’s having career-ending surgery – Sandy Alderson is looking like a Maddon... er, genius. 

Roberto Alomar On Camera: This was really the “Throwback Thursday” part… Check out what he has to say about some of his teammates like Cal Ripken, Mike Piazza and Jon Olerud. and his time with the Mets.

That’s it for now… Please leave your “genius” below, share that and us with your pals via social media and come back tomorrow for a guy who’s waiving his Yankees banner again, Different Matt.

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