From The Vault Friday: Clearing Buckner of Biggest Choke in Sports History

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Doing cheers outside “Cheers.”

BOSTON, MA – With the year 2016 marking the 30th anniversary of what make call the Biggest Choke in Sports History – the Red Sox losing the 1986 World Series to the New York Mets – we thought it appropriate to revisit the scene of the crime… or actually, revisit the revisit of the scene of the crime. Semantics aside, one man’s life was ruined as pundits, reporters and fans chased down the wrong leads and, while blinded with simultaneous rage and empitness, incorrectly sentenced a broken Bill Buckner… until we exonerated him.

We present you with Breaking The Buckner Code, (we stole fromĀ The Da Vinci Code thing)… please forgive the grade school-ish production value, crappy sound and awful edit; we were young, emotional and broke. Now we’re old, emotional and broke.

Granted, while our journalistic endeavor cleared “The feckin wicked feckin loosah Fecknah…” Buckner of any real crime and accurately lay the ruin of Red Sox Nation at the feet of a clumsy Calvin Shiraldi, but it also – and perhaps most importantly – got [we’re told] Larry David to put him on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

bill buckner Meet_The_Matts Curb_Your_Enthusiasm

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