Video Vault: Mets Celebrity Trivia Challenge: Jim Breuer, Gary Dell’Abate vs Our Guy


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NEW YORK, NY – Two of our favorite fellow Mets fans, comedian James E. Breuer (Jim Breuer) and Howard Stern Producer/personality Gary Patrick Angelo Dell’Abate (Baba Booey), were kind enough to take the stage with our Short Matt (Matt McCarthy… who?) in Mets Celebrity Trivia Challenge. Four things were abundantly clear:

1) Jim and Gary are legit Mets fans

2) Jim and Gary are good guys

3) Jim and Gary will mingle with the riff-raff (not Riff-Raff) that is us, and are remarkably patient men.

4)  The host wanted Short Matt to lose in the worst way… Looking back, that was understandable.

Here’s Part I:

That was Part I… Things heat up for Part II, and one of us doesn’t make to the the Final Round.

And then there were two… Who made it out of Part II? Who won?! Watch and learn:

That’s damn Kenny Rogers should have known when to hold ’em! And after the smoke cleared, we met Gary pregame for some more Mets Trivia and good sport that he is, he was game.

Jim Breuer, by the way, has finally recovered from his shellacking, which he took gracefully. We think it’s time for a rematch, don’t you?  The Pig N Whistle on W36th Street would be perfect. We’d be willing to allow a host agreed upon by all parties. Gauntlet thrown down, boys. What say you? Our @MeetTheMatts Twitter Tweet-line is awaiting your tweet.

That’s it for today, please feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber, a man that fills in blanks in his vocabulary with “what-not.”

P.s… We’d be remorsefully remiss if we didn’t include something that was HIGHLY ENTERTAINING, from the multi-talented Mr. Breuer.


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