Let The Presidential Debate Begin About… Phil Jackson

What? Triangle… but why?

SPANISH HARLEM – Today is a sad day for me because I’m not sure which president is worse; Donald Trump or Phil Jackson (Is it too soon?).

We are only 7 games into the season and Phil Jackson is not happy, so he appointed his own Mike Pence in Kurt Rambis to help the Knicks putrid defense. Most fans will attest that something needed to be done because (of course) New York fans freak out when it comes to sports.

Every win is marginalized, while every lost is magnified.

It’s hard to believe now, that not too long ago, Phil Jackson was the greatest coach alive. You can say all you want about how he had Jordan and Pippen or Shaq and Kobe but those players didn’t win anything until Phil got there so it wasn’t just about having great players. He found a way to mesh his philosophy into every aspect of the game. He got players to play to their best and provided guidance whenever times were tough.

I bet he’s not smiling now!

It seems like those days are long gone. I know he has this fascination with the Triangle offense but to implore it time and again, has become annoying. This season, the Knicks offense has looked great at times, specifically when they push the pace and move the ball around. I understand most fans will say “what about Melo”, and yes, he does hold on to the ball too long but he also scores in bunches.  This is not to say that the Knicks shouldn’t practice the Triangle at all because I do see the benefits but to sit back and say they should be running it more often is ludicrous.

Jackson has to allow this team to grow, to make mistakes, to learn from those mistakes and most importantly to win any way they can. We as fans deserve that, we deserve a winner! Jackson is no longer a coach in this league and he has to learn that as president, if the Knicks win then we all win. It shouldn’t be about winning his way because this is not his team to coach. It’s hard enough that fans will boo you in a second, so let Jeff Hornacek coach the way he wants, the way he needs to coach to make this team better.

Make The Knicks Great Again!

I’m tired of Presidents that think they know so much, I’m tired of Presidents saying and doing things that piss me off. I’m tired of America; oops I mean the “Knicks” losing. So President Phil Jackson, please let the Knicks “Be Great Again”.

Ps I am not saying in any way that Donald Trump and Phil Jackson are one and the same. Also the Knicks won last night with a big effort from the Bench against the Nets. Go Knicks!

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