My 3 Christmas Letters to Santa re Yankees, Eagles and Knicks

SPANISH HARLEM – I haven’t spoken to Santa in quite some time so in the spirit of Christmas I will be asking the jolly fat man to help my favorite sports teams.

Dear Santa,

Is there any way you can help the Yankees organization develop a starting pitcher that we can root for?

It’s been quite a long time since the Yankees developed a homegrown starting pitcher of any value. There was always talk of minor league pitchers that the Bombers were fond of, but none really panned out the way they hoped. You have had guys like Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova, who were good at times but mostly inconsistent and never lived up to the hype that surrounded them. Come to think of it, the last pitcher the Yankees groomed that provided any true value was Andy Pettitte, who came up in 1995 and helped the team to 5 Championships. I’m hoping with a little help from you, this year they can develop one that helps the Yanks contend now and in the future.

Dear Santa,

Can you please use some of your magic to help Derrick Rose remain healthy?

This Knicks offense is totally different when Derrick Rose is out of the lineup. As any Knickerbocker fan will tell you, Rose makes a big difference and provides the team another player that can score and take over games in stretches. When he is out, the team has to reconfigure the starting lineup which has a ripple effect on the rest of the team. Ron Baker has looked better than expected but he is no Derrick Rose and for the Knicks to make a playoff push, they will surely need their healthy point guard to lead the way.

Dear Santa,

Please help the Eagles organization this offseason so we can finally add a Wide Receiver that can catch and a Running Back that can run, also any O-line help would be greatly appreciated!

Where do I start with the Eagles, as I stated above, the team has no real options at a Wide Receiver except for Jordan Matthews. Basically no running back unless you count Darren Sproles, who is about 48 years old and after Lane Johnson was suspended for PEDs, the O-line deteriorated. That’s a lot of problems for any team but it’s especially painful for an Eagles’ fan like me, who have never gotten to the see the Iggles win a Super Bowl… ever!

Due to trading a boatload of picks for what a friend of mine calls “A Bust” in Carson Wentz, we don’t have room for error so the Eagles will need a Christmas Miracle if they expect to get the most of this draft and offseason. It won’t be easy but with the Eagles it never is!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Comment below, come back tomorrow and please follow us on Twitter @MeetTheMatts & @BuddyDiaz19 and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts & BuddyDiaz19.

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