Myles Garrett, Mike Illitch, St Louis University Hoops Bus Driver and Phil Collins?!

Rest in Pizza Pizza!

EL BRONX, EL BARRIOWhat time is it?! Showtime! What time is it?! Showtime! Those are the most annoying 8 words to hear when you are on a NYC train. However, this time out it is “Showtime!” for yours truly, Pinch-hit Matt. Anyway, in keeping with my new routine/gig, you get a Song of the Week, before I get to the Sports Stuff. And what will today’s Sports Suff  be about from this Pinch-Hitter extraordinaire? Phil Collins, Myles Garrett, Mike Illitch and a St. Louis University Basketball Bus Driver.

Let’s begin with the music…

Song of the Week: Been another super busy week, so I have leaned on my podcasts. However, I am in a different grove (MTM Edit Staff chose not to fix this) when it comes to music. I am back in my listening to Phil Collins groove [grove]. The man is a beast in terms of longevity and hits as a solo artist, not to mention his time with Genesis. His singles album needs two discs – that is if people still used CDs. Anyway, my pick was a blockbuster hit that has been used in everything from movies, TV shows, ads and sampled for other songs. With that, my Song of the Week is Phil Collin’s song: In the Air Tonight!

Now for the sports, kinda…

Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett: Texas A&M pass rusher Myles Garrett might end up the No. 1 pick in April’s NFL draft, but he doesn’t intend to be on hand in Philadelphia whenever his name is called. He plans to watch the event from Arlington, Texas, with friends and family. In the same interview, however, Garrett pleaded with Grinding Ax’s  Dallas Cowboys to trade up and pick him… but also said he would be happy being drafted by the Cleveland Browns also. Sure you would, Myles. Sure you would.

Mike Illitch: Mike Ilitch passed away this week. Illitch was the owner of the Detriot Red Wings and Tigers. He rose from a humble west-side neighborhood to assemble a food, sports and entertainment empire that enabled him to return the Stanley Cup to Hockeytown, build both a new arena and a ballpark with a Ferris wheel, restore the grandeur of downtown’s iconic Fox Theatre and introduce metro Detroit to the concepts of “pizza-pizza” and an $8 cup of beer. He kept faith in his city after the city saw hard times. I have issues with the new arena but love the Pizza special. Rest easy, Mike.

St. Louis players waiting for the bus

St. Louis University Basketball Bus DriverEasily, this the Most Insane Story of the Week. Apparently, the charter bus diver for the Saint Louis University men’s basketball team, was supposed to transport the team after its Atlantic 10 contest against the St. Bonaventure Bonnies. The driver dropped the Billikens (I know, what the faduq is a Billiken?!) off and didn’t return. The team was left stranded and waiting in the arena for a the driver. Apparently, with the help of the police and a “find my iPhone” app, the bus was located. Not sure how you hide a charter bus… Anyway, if you were wondering where the driver went, take a wild guess. He went a drink… or 15. They charged him with a DWI and another bus driver was sent out to bring the team back to the hotel. Crazy night in upstate NY! Ask DJ Eberle, he can vouch for how crazy things get.

That’s all I have… Please feel free to leave your thoughts below and come back tomorrow for our drunken bus driver, Cheesy Bruin. You can also find us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber & @MeetTheMatts, Instagram -@MeetTheMatts and FacebookMeet The Matts.

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