Sunday Sports Topics: UCONN, Auriemma, MLB Opening Day, Boston Bruins, Karnowski

MARLBORO, NY – Sometimes when you wake up inspiration is as easy as opening up the laptop and reading the day’s news items along with morning cups of black coffee, no sugar. Today’s topics without further adieu are UCONN women’s basketball, the Boston Bruins, MLB’s Opening Day, and NCAA Final Four.

Move over Karnowski, the Mississippi State Bulldogs are in town.

Any time you do something one-hundred eleven times in a row without fouling-up you’re doing things right. Can you imagine keeping the wife off of your back for not farting under the covers or something? Well, I can’t and that’s the type of perfection that the Mississippi State Bulldogs help put to an end when they beat the UCONN Hussies, I mean, Huskies in the NCAA Women’s Final Four Basketball Tournament on Friday night.

Normally, I wouldn’t even give mention to women’s sports at all but there seems to be a lot of debate of Gino Auriemma’s run at UConn and that of John Wooden’s ultimate success at UCLA in the 1960’s and ’70’s. No frigging way! Any true sports fan won’t or shouldn’t compare the two. It’s like comparing Stouffer’s frozen lasagna to my Mom’s homemade with Mom’s dish making her the Wizard of West 231st Street.

The competitive imbalance puts the Huskies way above their rivals as they receive the top recruits year in and year out. Not to say the UCLA teams didn’t sign the better recruits during the bygone era, but the field of top-flight talent in the men’s game is significantly deeper than that in women’s sports and allowed for talented teams to rival Wooden’s Bruins teams. With Auriemma’s squads, there is no perennial rival as the Hussies run roughshod over all comers. And outside of those in Storrs, CT and the WNBA front offices, nobody cares because it’s… women’s basketball.

This weather sucks but all things turn to thoughts of warmer climes as tonight is MLB Opening Night. Remember when it used to be called Opening Day and the Cincinnati Reds were always the first pitch to usher in a new baseball season? The money grab in baseball has me a bit peeved, as they will complain of longer games but will do nothing to lose advertising revenue from all the stoppages in play. Hypocrites. I’ll zero in on baseball when I can comfortably put on flip-flops. Until then…

The Boston Bruins, with great hope and anticipation, will garner all my attention provided they qualify for the NHL Playoffs for the first time in three years. Yesterday’s lackluster win against the Florida Panthers helps keep pace in a muddled Eastern Conference race. So frantic is the finish, I was rooting for the Montreal Canadiens to beat Tampa Bay last night. Get the idea?  The playoffs start on April 12 so the Bruins have another week to break my heart.  Stay tuned.

The real Final Four (Men’s Tournament) had me laughing during the Gonzaga-South Carolina game.  It seems like this Karnowski kid on Gonzaga is a spectacle due to his thinning hair, large frame, and Amish beard.  He really reminds me of the kid in Little League who was popping out of his uniform and played like Herman Munster among boys.  For you Knicks fans, he makes Ken “The Animal” Bannister and Pat Cummings look like finesse players.  Go ‘Zags!

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