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Kids in Devon in skirts Meet_The_Matts

EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – Okay… if you come on here, you know the drill. If you don’t, here’s the scoop: From me you get a Song of the Week before we get to the Sports Stuff.  But today, we’ve got some Political Stuff too. Relax, it’s not about Trump or Clinton. It’s about Kids Fighting the Powerand the sports stuff this week will be about NBA Draft News and the LAs Vegas Golden Knights Jersey.

Song of the Week: I couldn’t believe it when I heard Prodigy died. At first I thought people were talking about that weird 90s punk rap band from England. It turns out they were talking about one-half of Mobb Deep. I was shocked that he was gone. I actually got into a debate online with a friend regarding how good a rapper he was. I used supports to sum it up and say that he was the Horace Grant of Mobb Deep. Link Grant, he did his job and rose his game when needed but was not a crucial figure. That pressure shots went to Havoc and the production team. All of things considered, though, their first major single was arguably their biggest and best track. Take a listen to Shook Ones Part 2 and share your thoughts.

Kids Fighting The Power: Take a look at the young boys on the right. They are all wearing skirts. This bit of news got my attention because in this day and age – when civics is no longer taught – this demonstration of civil disobedience and civic engagement must be commended. Some young teenage boys from a school in Devon, England apparently are sharp cookies. Over the past few days it has been well above 30 degrees Celsius (in real temperature that is above 95 degrees). As the British school system requires uniforms at all times, the boys asked if they could wear shorts. The school said no –  shorts are not in the uniform! It dawned on a couple of boys that skirts are in the uniform. So, leaning on their sisters and female friends, a small group of boys wore skirts to school as they demanded to be allowed to wear shorts. The next day more boys joined this fight. The Principal/Headmaster was not amused and handed them all detention.

Kids in Devon in skirts Meet_The_Matts
How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?!

I think it is a great lesson for the kids. They learn that the people at the top are full of it and have no understanding of the average person’s life and if you call them out on it, it will come at a price. This lesson will serve them well in the professional and political world.

NBA Draft: So the NBA draft was this on Thursday night. At the time of writing the first pick was Markelle Flutz out of University of Washington by the Sixers. The second pick was Lonzo Ball, who went to his hometown Lakers. Ball is a good fit as he and his dad talk a lot so the press will love them and he is a good enough player to lead the team. The Knicks picked the best foreign player in the draft, Frank Ntilikina, a point guard then guard Damyean Dotson with the 44th pick and wingman Ognjen Jaramaz. Two foreigners and an unheralded player. Phil thinks he is a genius, so it will be interesting to see what transpires.  But outside of Kristaps Porzingis, he doesn’t have much to crow about. I expect the Knicks to suck again. How prophetic, I know.

Golden Knights: The newest NHL franchise the Las Vegas Golden Knights unveiled their home and away uniforms earlier this week. And I got to say it is fitting. It is fitting in the sense that this team could have had so many bad-ass names that would encompass Vegas’ history like the Aces, but went for the HS team, family-friendly, Golden Knights. This jersey could have been so much more but it just became all meh! A fitting choice of a “sweater” for what will be a meh franchise.

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