Player Progression: What I would like to see from Carson Wentz and Kristaps Porzingis

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – I will refrain from talking about the Yankees today because I think Ben did a great job on Tuesday forecasting why he thinks the Yanks will take the American League East. It’s really a must read if you’re a Yankees fan so if you haven’t yet, please do check it out.

Today I will do my best to discuss the progression this season for two of my favorite players, Carson Wentz and Kristaps Porzingis… let’s begin!

Carson Wentz had a good season last year when you take into account he wasn’t healthy for much of the preseason and was seen as the back-up quarterback to the ever frustrating Sam Bradford (Angry Ward’s problem now). When Bradford was traded to the Minnesota Vikings, the week before the start of the season, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to go all-in and make Carson Wentz the future of the franchise. It probably wasn’t the wisest decision because though he started well in the early going, you want your quarterback to watch and study live games so he can understand how fast the game is played. You want him develop better habits with more reps in practice but when the Vikings dangled that 1st Round Pick for Bradford, the team decided it was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. Now going into season 2 you have a young quarterback who took his lumps in real time and gained a lot experience in the process.

The Iggles believe in Carson Wentz so they went out and got offensive weapons that the team sourly lacked last season. With the new additions you expect to see a player go from good to possibly great. With that said, there are areas in his game that only he can improve to make the jump. One is less interceptions, turnovers are killers and the really good quarterbacks limit their turnovers. Another, better accuracy on the deep ball especially if Torrey Smith can replicate what he did for the Baltimore Ravens. Carson read the defense very well pre-snap for a 1st year player but now you want to see him read the defense better after the snap, hopefully with more weapons comes more opportunity to move the ball easier. It’s hard for a player to become great in only his 2nd season but I’m excited to him see grow and prosper.

While I’m on the theme of player progression, let’s discuss another favorite player of mine, Kristaps Porzingis. Knick fans know by the now, the Carmelo Anthony era is dead. Who knows when Anthony will be gone, whether they trade him or release him, this is now Kristaps’ team.  Jeff Hornacek will be wise to find ways to get Porzingis the ball early and often. Between the Triangle and Derek Rose last season, the Unicorn wasn’t often utilized in the best way but this year that has to change. The one progression I think makes the most sense this year is developing that killer instinct as the go-to guy in the offense. You want to see him attack the basket and get to the foul line. You want to see him develop a post-game (Similar to Dirk Nowitzki if possible) and take advantage of (strong) smaller players, which has been a problem for him at times so far in his career. You need KP to know this team will only go as far as he can take them without the pressure of winning games – which we know will be problem for the Knicks this season (30.5 over/under for wins). The more he develops the better off the Knicks will be, in New York and in the Standings.

That’s It! Come back to tomorrow for a new article. Also, props to Ebs on his article Monday and Angry Ward for always kicking ass on Wednesdays! Up next is an article from the pinch hitter and then… Cheesy Bruin, who make you some money but gamble at your own risk. Feel free to comment below and please follow us on Twitter @BuddyDiaz19, @MeetTheMatts & @Matt_McCarthy00Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook pages, Meet The Matts & Buddy Diaz.

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