NFL Thanksgiving Day Recap, FIBA World Cup Qualifying and Knicks Next Step!

#NFL #Thanksgiving Recap, #FIBAWC Qualifying & #Knicks Next Step! Sports Rain @JunoirBlaber Reports

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS  –  After ruffling a couple of feathers last week, I will take a break from unpopular opinions and get back to basics. So, let’s try and keep things light and fun since people are still moving around with guts full of Thanksgiving leftovers.  With that, I go back to the original  tried-and-true formula of a Song of the Week, followed by Sports Stuff. Here is what is on the menu for today’s Stuff:  NFL Thanksgiving Day Recap,  FIBA World Cup Qualifying & The Knicks Next Step!

Song of the Week:  With Thanksgiving going down, I was looking for good songs about travel. I couldn’t find one, but I found a good song about man’s metaphoric journey and decided that was the move. I decided to go with Hard Road To Travel by Jimmy Cliff.  A nice reggae classic and good song to sober up one’s soul after having to deal with the In-laws. Take a listen and enjoy the journey.

The NFL Thanksgiving Day Recap: Wow, so the Minnesota Vikings are 9-2 and led by their 3rd string QB. Considering the state of poor QBs and just horrendous back-ups in the league, the fact that Vikings are winning means that Case Keenum is gonna be in for a big pay day at the end of the season. If the Vikes are smart the trade both injured QBs and hand the keys to Keenum. The Vikes held on against a tough Lions team. Here is a stat that is insane to think. Matt Stafford of the Detroit Lions has only every played in 7 games where his running back has ran for 100 yards!! Zeke Elliott did that by himself last season for the Dallas Cowboys!! Stafford must love life with no running back because he just signed up for another 5 at max pay.

Speaking of Zeke Elliott, the Cowboys looked horrible without him. I really thought after last season the ‘Boys were poised to become playoff threats, but instead they are back to being the cowgirls. The got a big ol whoopin’ laid on them by the Chargers of all people. The Chargers can’t sell out in LA but are managing to beat up on a few teams.

The North Korean soldier that barely escaped into South Korea with his life was shot 5 times, lost 15% of his blood and was discovered by doctors to be Hep B positive, malnourished and have parasitic worms in his stomach. That man was still twice as healthy as the NY Giants offense against Washington. I mean just wow!! The offense is beyond anemic, to say the least and unlike previous years there is no big time D to bail them out. I have said it before I will say it again, Bob McAddo is Ray Handley mk2.

FIBA World Cup Qualifying: Some how the NBA has let FIBA become the boss of them. Regional qualifying for the FIBA World Cup is going down over the next couple of weeks. That means team USA will have to qualify with no NBA players and Coach Greg Popovich. Drafted in to help get the job done will be NY’s favorite son Jeff Van Gundy. I always liked JVG because he knew how to get the most out of a limited squad unlike Phil Jackson who can only win with the best players. The team will be comprised almost entirely G-league players. What in the Sam Hill is the G-league? It is the NBA D-league rebranded after going in for the cash and signing a deal with Gatorade. It won’t be easy because the other sides will be more familiar with each other, but the USA has the talent to make it through.

#NFL #Thanksgiving Recap, #FIBAWC Qualifying & #Knicks Next Step! Sports Rain @JunoirBlaber Reports

The New York Knicks Next Move: I like how the Knicks are looking but I feel like they need a proper guy off the bench that can score at will. I wish they would give Jimmer Fredette another look. The need a shooter/scorer similar to head coach Jeff Hornacek but he was a starter so it needs to be a real second team scorer, a new Vinny “the Microwave” Johnson.

That is it for now, leave your thoughts below and come back tomorrow for another gem of a column by Cheesy Bruin. You can also find us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber, @MeetTheMatts & @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram – @MeetTheMatts – and Facebook Meet The Matts.

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