Eagles Make The Super Bowl, Nick Foles, How To Beat Tom Brady and #WHYNOTUS

#Eagles Make The #SuperBowl, Nick Foles & How To Beat #TomBrady. @BuddyDiaz19 on @MeetTheMatts, #WHYNOTUS

SPANISH HARLEM – The hate is real and I’m loving every second of it. That’s right, I’m loving everything being said about the Eagles. All the stuff about the fans being the worst… about going for the New England Patriots, not because they might be better but because they don’t want to see the city of Philadelphia hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Some are even claiming that they won’t watch the Super Bowl because the because of the two teams that are in it. To that I say Sorry Not Sorry… millions will still watch it.

#Eagles Make The #SuperBowl, Nick Foles & How To Beat #TomBrady. @BuddyDiaz19 on @MeetTheMatts, #WHYNOTUS

Nobody gave this team a chance when Carson Wentz went down and I must admit I was one of those skeptics. It crushed me to see the future, our best chance of winning a Super Bowl go down for the season. I knew Nick Foles was good because I saw him have one of the best seasons ever for a quarterback in 2013 but what discouraged me was that he pretty much sucked after being traded for Sam Bradford. Now we see it might have something to do more with Jeff Fisher than Foles because he showed that he can be lights out with the right coaching.

You all saw the stats… 26 for 33 with 352 yards passing and 3 TDs, just in case you forgot. This team believes in Nick Foles not because they had to but because they knew he was really good. Is it ideal to lose your quarterback so late in the season… no but all he has done as a starter was lead this team to 6 wins since Wentz went down. Thats not easy folks so its about that time to admit that what he has accomplished is impressive. Even with everyone expecting them to lose, he did everything he could to do to help his team win.

As much as I love talking about Nick Foles, he won’t be the reason they win the Super Bowl. The coaching staff believes they have one of the best defensive lines in the league and putting pressure on Tom Brady is the best way to beat him. For the Eagles to win they will need a big game from Fletcher Cox, who is at his best when providing pressure up the middle. Guys like Chris Long, Derek Barnett and Brandon Graham will need to make Brady uncomfortable. As we have seen before, you can spook the New England quarterback with the right attack and scheme.

The Patriots are expected to win because they have been the model organization for the last 10 years but the Eagles have a 50% chance just by showing up. They will be underdogs again against New England and they are comfortable in that role. A lot of things will have to go right for the Iggles to win the Super Bowl because it definitely won’t come easy, Tom Brady and company will come ready to add one more to their legacy. But you just don’t give away the Lombradi Trophy because you think one team is better than other. You have to play the game… so #WHYNOTUS.

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