NBA Rumblings: Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers and #Knickstape Forum

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SPANISH HARLEM – I was going to write about the Eagles but football has dominated the headlines here and rightfully so. For all of us that need a fix, I will try my best to give you something else to read about… So, today I will change the subject and talk about the NBA; Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers and #Knickstape Forum:

Los Angeles Clippers

On Monday, the Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets played what seemed like a warm up to a UFC fight than a basketball game. The Clippers beat the Rockets but the real news came after the game when James Harden, Gerald Green, Trevor Ariza and Chris Paul tried to storm the Clippers locker via the secret door. The news cycle after the game was ignited by some bickering during the game lead that group to the locker room looking for Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers. Did Paul think they were Spartans like in 300 going in there undermanned? Was Gerald Green taught posthumously by Bruce Lee  -like in “No Retreat No Surrender?”

What were those guys thinking anyway?! Like the Clippers would let those guys beat up their best player and the coaches son… and then let them leave like nothing happened. I would bet that if those Rockets players got anywhere near Griffin, those 14 guys in the locker room would send Paul and company to the hospital.

Can these players please stop acting like their manhood is tested every time some other player talks trash? This was a complete meltdown by Houston and it seems like they are picking up on Chris Paul’s whining ways… that can’t be good.

Cleveland Cavaliers

It seems like every year we talk about how old the Cavs are looking, that this might be the year they finally get dethrone in the Eastern Conference. The Media tries to find holes in this team because it makes news but really they just sound repetitive.  LeBron James can’t be happy with how bad his team has been playing lately but he is still the best basketball player in the world and when the playoffs start this team is usually playing at a high level. So why do we make such a big fuss when the lose? Because you never know when James will send out a cryptic tweet that will have people talking and isn’t that the really reason we like it when they lose.

Come on James, please send out that tweet soon. We are waiting…

New York Knicks

I really like the transaction the Knicks made recently by releasing Ramon Sessions and signing Trey Burke. Here’s a guy that was a high draft pick who never really lived up the hype. He is still young enough to establish himself as legit NBA player and has been killing it for the Knicks G-League Affiliate. As we have seen with Michael Beasley, a revelation in this Knicks offense, sometimes you need an organization and an offense that can cater to your skills. I expect the club to do more of this as they try to develop their young core for the future.

There are players that could be traded to go younger, with Kyle O’Quinn and Courtney Lee possibly going to contenders at the trade deadline. Those are guys I would hate to see leave, as they have been veteran players that play the game the right way. But sometimes you have to play the guys you drafted like Damyean Dotson, just to see what he can do. If this organization really wants to develop their players, then you have to be willing to give them the minutes.

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