NBA Finals Game 3 Recap and More Random Thoughts about LBJ, Klay Thompson, KP, Kevin Love and Durant

SPANISH HARLEM – Game 3 of the NBA Finals goes to the Golden State Warriors and Lebron James just got farther away from another NBA Championship. The Warriors are one win away from 3 in 4 years. It looked good early for the Cavs but in the end, Golden State was too much to handle. Now that that’s done, I’ll give a couple of random thoughts that came to me watching the game.Lebron James second gear is second to none. There is something so powerful about James when he decides to run into the lane. He wants to score and there isn’t much anybody can do about it, he is super fast for his size and so athletic  that he can take a bump and still create. It’s one of the things that makes him so great, he creates for himself and also for others. I still believe Michael Jordan is the best but there will never been another guy like Lebron!

Klay Thompson has the prettiest shot in the league. I’m reminded of Allan Houston. Knicks fans will tell you… it really was beautiful. I know Houston missed a bunch of shots but every time I saw him shoot a jumper, I swore it was going in. I feel the same way about Klay, it is an effortless motion that’s so fundamental, unlike Stephen Curry. There is a craziness about Curry’s shot that looks normal now because we have seen him take that shot so many times. Though Thompson may never go down as the best pure shooter on his own team, there is still a lot to appreciate.

What happened to Kevin Love… I know he still good but he is definitely not the same player. I know a lot of people will said I think I’m bugging right now but Kevin Love would be a better player on a different team. That’s the thing with Lebron that nobody talks about. James is so good he will change your game. He will make mediocre guys better but also deflate star players because he commands the ball so much. Its similar to the Carmelo Effect, you will play well if you run the ball through him but you will diminish other players in the process. Think about Miami with Chris Bosh, who became a stretch four even though he was capable of so much more. It’s my little knock on Lebron and if you think I’m lying… just watch how much he controls the rock.

Kevin Durant is good, like really good, maybe even great. I saw Durant when he played at Texas and thought “He needs to gain some weight in the NBA“. He is still as skinny as I remember and now I think I was wrong. Stay skinny, agile and quick, makes sense when your job is to run most of the day. It got me thinking about Kristaps Porzingis, who I hear is lifting weights. I don’t want a diesel KP, I want the quick twitch jumpimg freak I saw in year one. Look at KD, someone who couldn’t build muscle no matter what he did. Too much muscle can hurt you, sometimes its better to lean and fast.

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