Rain Man Rants: LeSean McCoy, Lakers, Lebron and World Cup Wonders

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Rain Man Rants: LeSean McCoy, Lakers, Lebron and World Cup WondersEL BARRIO, EL FALLS – It is another late night work night at the MTM office. It wasn’t about a text from Management this time, I just got busy and tired. But I am fresh as a daisy to type this out for you, my dedicated fans.  I knew the Song of the week and had one topic for discussion, but needed to scan the papers to find the other topics. The result, you ask? We’ll start with a vintage Song of the Week, followed by succulent main dishes of: LeSean McCoy, LeBron and the Late Show & World Cup Update.

Song of the Week: So, looking to psyche myself up for a busy week of work, I went to the same rap artist that Michael Phelps uses. Yup! The Olympic record holder for medals listens to Jeezy (he has grown up and dropped the Young from his title) to pump him up before he swims. If it is good enough for Ol’ Phelpsy, it is good enough for me and youse.  With that, this week’s SOTW is Bout That by Jeezy, ft. Lil Wayne. Should get you going enough to go mow the lawn or do something useful.

LeSean Shady McCoy: This situation is a straight dumpster fire and it could have been avoided if LeSean Shady McCoy had learned a thing or two from Derek Jeter or the sports guys that get married after they retire. That is how all this starts. By now, those of you that know my writing should know that these are my opinions and mine only. My problem with this starts with Shady moving this girl into his place. I mean, get her an apartment somewhere in downtown Atlanta but “never make a hoe a housewife!” That maybe too much for some but let’s really look at this. He didn’t marry her or have a kid with her, so she had no rights to the place really, but for the law saying she did. I don’t poo-poo on the law by saying that; just want to underline that she was essentially squatting. He warns of the value of her jewels and that people may come to repossess those things. So, you have that and then you have all these allegations that come out after the assault about Shady using steroids. My point is that this thing is complex. Let’s not jump to a conclusion because McCoy is the Bills offense and therefore, the focus should be on making it go away.

Lebron and the Late Show: Nobody in the MTM office could make heads or tails of LeBron’s move to the Lakers. It seems there might be a method to the madness, according to the team’s President of Basketball Operations, Ervin “Magic” Johnson. This Lakers had added the following players since signing Lebron: veteran point guard Rajon Rondo on a one-year deal, LeBron antagonizer from the Indiana Pacers, Lance Stephenson, and former Golden State big man JaVale McGee. You can combine those guys with Lonzo Ball and other young talents Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma. It seems that they are going for play-makers and scorers, all with LeBron’s input. After being the only one that could really create off the dribble in Cleveland, it looks like he wants more guys that can beat a man and/or create havoc in the paint. Besides, you can always sign a Kyle Corver or JJ Reddick later, I mean even Jimmer Fredette is available.

N’golo Kante (left) and Paul Pogba (right)

World Cup Wonders: So we are now down to our final two of France and Croatia. Croatia has played a full extra game more than France in that they had done the 30-minute overtime for 3 straight games. Are they on HGH? Probably, but it is not proven so it doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is the talent on the filed and that goes to France. I saw a tweet in French that I couldn’t understand but it came with an interesting chart. The chart said the best defensive midfielder in the tournament so far had been France’s N’golo Kante. The chart also showed the best attacking box-to-box midfielder this World Cup had been France’s Paul Pogba. Essentially, France has the two best midfield players of the tournament. Last time they had that in ’98, France won it all. It seems like they will win it all again.

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