Big Ben Whitney: Rocky IV, Yankees Make a Push, Year the Pats Unraveled

Big Ben Whitney: Yankees, Patriots, Meet_The_Matts
The unraveling

MOSCOW, USSR – It’s been over 32 years since Rocky Balboa avenged his friend and formal rival and turned the tide of the Cold War on Christmas Day in 1985. Much to Rock’s chagrin, tensions with Russia have returned. (Do you smell a corny, contrived device coming yet?) In the spirit of that legendary night, Ivan Drago and Rocky help me take a look at the New York Yankees push to catch the Red Sox and the upcoming NFL season. Let’s bob and weave.

He’s not a machine. He’s a man.

In spite of a near-Metsian amount of injuries, the Yanks have pulled within 6.5 games (after a brutal lose last night) by beating up on some familiar punching bags. But the real surprise was Boston getting swept over the weekend for the first time this season by the pesky Rays. The Rays are too far back this year, but they’ve had an impact on this race by roughing up both of the lead dogs. Or maybe that’s just a wash. Never mind.

Picking up the slack…

Anyway, the Yankees still have little chance of catching the Sox, but with Chris Sale’s shoulder barking again, it’s not off the table. And as I said before, they only have to make up three and a half more games to make the last series in Boston interesting.

You will lose

Sorry Buffalo Bills fans, but you’re looking at a rough year. A totally revamped O-line with a QB stable of a project rookie, a journeyman, and a Peterman is not a formula for success. What is the over/under on Bills win th… I’ll take the under. That was me interrupting myself.

The unraveling?

If he dies, he dies

No one ever got rich by betting against the Patriots, but this seems like the year it might start to unravel. There have been warning signs aplenty and the fallout from the Garoppolo debacle is still lingering.

Brady can’t take anymore questions about his beloved roid provider trainer and stormed out of an interview like his annoying little pissant daughter. I kid, I’m sure she’s sweet. This team has plenty of holes. But it could all go horribly wrong for them and they will still probably win this crap division at 8-8.

If I can change, you can change. Everybody can change.

I expect a bounce back year from Derek Carr in Oakland. Jon Gruden, who turned Rich Gannon into an MVP, will get quality play out of him. He also has plenty of interesting toys with Amari Cooper, Martavis Bryant, and Jordy Nelson. Grab him as your backup in fantasy with a late round flyer and thank me later.

Rich Gannon Part 2?

That’s my time. Come back tomorrow for E’ry Day Angry WardFollow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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