Big Ben: 2019 NFL QB Carousel, Can the Giants Find Their Guy?

Big Ben: 2019 NFL QB Carousel, Can the Giants Find Their Guy? Meet_The_Matts, Ben_Whitney
Round and round it goes. Most of these guys from last year were busts.
Round and round it goes. Most of these guys from last year were busts.

NASHVILLE, TN – It’s a funny game. Dozens of ferocious, burly athletes beat the snot out of each other for for three hours. Then a skinny little guy in a spotless uniform – who’s been on the field for maybe 90 seconds the whole day – strolls onto the field and decides the winner. It doesn’t seem right.

I feel like a jerk if I let down a few middle-aged guys on my beer league hockey team. I can’t imagine what it feels like to let down an entire fan base in the one of the biggest cities in the country.

But thanks to the double doink in the 2nd City, we’re talking about another magical run from Nick Foles, instead of the coming-out party for Mitchell Trubiski.

No matter what happens with Foles from here, he’s going to be a hot commodity this offseason. I can’t see the Eagles locking him up long term and trading Carson Wentz. But if Foles pulls off an even-more-unlikely miracle playoff run, you never know.

We do know that our beloved NY Giants are in the market for their next QB. Would they be interested in Foles? Perhaps. Let’s look at their options.

Another Duke QB?

Draft QBs

Before Justin Herbert decided to return to Oregon, this was viewed as a weak QB class. Most experts think there are two or three first round QBs in the draft at best. The talented, but inconsistent Dwayne Haskins from Ohio State, Drew Lock, the big armed, athletic QB from Missouri with an Eli-like aw shucks demeanor, and maybe a few others including Daniel Jones from Duke. Jones would be the second Duke QB drafted after some guy called Dave Brown. #angryredfacedemoji

One thing going for the Giants is that the five teams who draft ahead of them don’t look like they’ll be drafting a QB. But if recent trends continue, QB needy teams will be looking to trade up in front of the Giants and Jags at six and seven.

Free Agents

The field looks pretty mediocre with Foles, Joe Flacco, and Teddy Bridgewater likely to be the top targets.

I think we can rule Flacco out right away, as he’s a slightly younger version of Eli. I think Bridgewater would be a fallback option at best. If the Giants end up parting ways with Eli, they could bring in Teddy to hold the fort until they find their guy. The Giants might have some interest in Foles, but I could see a team like Jacksonville going full Kirk Cousins after him.

Is there a player in this class?

Let’s see if we can guess how the shrapnel will fall when this QB carousel explodes. I’m assuming there will be no major retirement announcements from Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger, etc. Let’s group every team to see which teams will be jostling for position with the Giants. I enlisted Metallica to help with the categories.


These teams likely have their QBs in place for at least the next few years: Bills, Jets, Chiefs, Ravens, Browns, Texans, Colts, Cowboys, Eagles, Rams, Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals, Bears, Vikings, Packers, Lions, Falcons, and Panthers.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

These teams have an aging or unperforming QB. They probably won’t be actively seeking a QB but will been sleeping with one eye open to see who falls their way. The Ravens were in this position last year and scooped up Lamar Jackson.
Chargers, Steelers, Patriots, Bengals, Titans, and Saints.


Nothing Else Matters

These teams’ top priority will be finding the QB of the future: Dolphins, Broncos, Jags, Redskins, and Giants.

Final Thoughts

The Giants might not have a ton of competition, but the options are limited. Gettleman will need to be aggressive if there is a guy they like.

Of the rookies, Haskins has the higher ceiling, but starting only one season at THE Ohio State makes me nervous. Mark Sanchez only started one year in college, right? Haskings might not even come out, though he stands to make more money if he does, as he is at the top of a weak QB classLock from Missou would be less flashy, but he’s big and can run. That combo seems to be working out in Buffalo. Both guys would benefit with a year under Eli.

I don’t think Gettleman wants to wait another year or hitch his wagon to one of the mediocre free agents. But he would be wise not to reach for a QB if they don’t love any of them. Sure it’s rough not to have your franchise QB in place, but they should take a year to build in the trenches instead of reaching for a mediocre guy and setting the team back further.

Patience might be the way to go as the QB outlook for the 2020 draft is much brighter.

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