Designated Hitter in the National League? Buddy Diaz Reports

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SPANISH HARLEM Newsflash: I watched my first baseball game of the season this weekend. It was, of course, a Spring Training battle but it was great to see some of my favorite players back in uniform. The records don’t matter and it’s more than likely that you will see a player that you didn’t know existed getting the reps, yet it feels good to know that MLB 2019 is right around the corner.

Bryce Harper was finally signed and the rest of baseball can breathe a sigh of relief that we don’t have collusion in the sport. I thought twice about this and then wasted more of my life thinking that something is wrong with the sport I love. A lot of players remain available, looking for a contract and I know that these players make more than the Average Joe, yet it’s still crazy to think that some guys still don’t have a team to play for.

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The game is changing. The National League will adopt the designated hitter. you watch. People will get mad but it will be for the better. Pitchers are the new quarterbacks: you have to protect them from themselves. So why make them hit and run the bases? They are a liability and more so, they are better on the mound than anywhere else.

Not sold? Here’s another reason

Jobs will open up for more players. The American League has been a haven for guys that can still hit, even if they can’t play the field quite the same anymore. Again, some people will be miffed but the game will live on. It will suck for some fans but the game will be better off. It’s about time.

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