It’s Time for James Dolan to Sell the Knicks

Buddy_Diaz, NBA, James_Dolan, Meet_The_Matts, NEW YORK KNICKS

SPANISH HARLEM– If you read the title, I already know your answer. It’s basically every New York Knicks fans dream… to have a different owner. It might happen sooner than we thought, as there have been whispers that James Dolan might sell the team. While I’m sure we are far from the finish line when it comes to seeing someone other than Dolan running the New York Knickerbockers, there are many people that believe, if the price is right, he would sell.

Buddy_Diaz, NBA, James_Dolan, Meet_The_Matts, NEW YORK KNICKS
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I am not here to bash James Dolan. As bad as the Knicks have been, you could say the opposite is true of the New York Rangers, who as an organization, have had success during his time as owner. With the Knicks on the other hand, it has been a long list of bad decisions, bad hires… more bad hires and more losing. What could go wrong did go wrong with the Knicks and it’s been easy to blame Dolan.

I don’t know who the next owner will be, but anybody would be better than James Dolan at this point. Just sell the Knicks and be done with it, ease our pain and suffering. Make more music and be rich, that is what makes you happy anyway. I want to feel like this team, this franchise is going in the right direction but I don’t think I will ever feel that with Dolan as owner.

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I love the Knicks. I want to see them succeed. Sh!t… I saw the Philadelphia Eagles win a Super Bowl so anything is possible. I would cherish that feeling as a Knicks fan, but I just don’t think that will happen under Dolan. Maybe it’s time to let a new person lead this organization.

Come back tomorrow for a leader of this organization, Big Ben Whitney, who loves smelling old basketballs.

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