Can Second Fiddle Mets Make MLB Playoffs, After Mickey Callaway and Jason Vargas Exlpode?

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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – It has to be difficult to share the same city with the New York Yankees, especially when it seems as though the Evil Empire does everything correctly, while you drown in a sea of mediocrity or abject failure year after agonizing year. This monumental pressure seems to be getting to the field boss of the New York Mets, as Mickey Callaway blew up at a reporter inside the clubhouse after his bullpen blew yet another game yesterday to the Cubs. It’s well chronicled how poorly the team’s relief pitching has performed this season and it’s maddening. There is a silver lining to the story –  at least I feel that way. Pitcher Jason Vargas stood up for his manager by confronting said reporter and threatening to “knock him the f*** out”. Good for Vargas. Maybe the misfit Mets are a together bunch of misfits. Perhaps this is the reason why Callaway hasn’t already been canned.

NY_Post, Mickey_Callaway, Meet_The_Matts, Mets, Cheesy_Bruin, Rich Perlongo

Is this a battle call that turns things around for the Flushing Nine?

Normally I’m not a rose-colored-glasses guy when it comes to the #Mets, but consider the continued bad luck for the Mets in 2019. Another no-show, past his prime signing in Jed Lowrie, no Yoenis Cespedes for the year, an injured and unproductive Robinson Cano, the bullpen failures, news that Brandon Nimmo will be shelved for another month, the worst defense in the majors, and the recent Noah Syndergaard injury. Add it all up and Los Mets are still only a handful of games out of a wild card spot largely due in part to bad baseball being played in the NL if not MLB itself.

Am I crazy for thinking this team has a shot at the playoffs?

Probably but baseball is a funny game and weird sh!t happens sometimes. They are remarkably scoring runs as Jeff McNeil and Pete Alonso are leading the way. The frugal front office will unlikely make any major improvements in order to make a post season push and who really has any faith in Mets management. It comes with the territory if you have any association with this team so we all understand the angst of Manager Mickey.

In a week where the crosstown Yankees saw the return of sluggers Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton and the acquisition of another big bat in Edwin Encarnacion, things get better by the day in the Bronx. As much as I hope the Mets can come together and make an improbable run, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Speaking of shoes dropping, come back tomorrow  for our staff cobbler, Benjamin Whitney.

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